How Is Segway a Better Option as Compared to Hoverboard?


Joe Seymour, NegosentroAnyone who’s not living under a rock would have known by now the hoverboard pop culture of the early 21st century, which spread like a wildfire among youths across the globe. The very idea of taking a ride instead of walking seemed a pretty cool one, which fuelled the manufacture, use and ever-increasing popularity of hoverboards. Since the first hoverboards were patented by a couple of Western manufacturers, factories in China begun to walk that extra mile to make sure such hoverboards would flood the global markets by dawn, when the next cargo ship from China arrives at the ports of Continental Europe and America. Though this drove down prices, it also resulted in providing insights of potential dangers of such hoverboards. This went on till the time Segway decided to come up with its own product of better quality, which would differentiate it from other hoverboards up for sale elsewhere.

  • Segway vs Hoverboards: Beginner’s Look


Hoverboards are made from cheap, plastic or other polymers which keep the prices down, and also preferably the weight. This makes the hoverboards a somewhat ridiculous build quality, which might give you a phobia for riding self balancing scooters. Segway’s new products, on the other hand, are carved out of magnesium alloys, as per the manufacturer’s claims. The sturdy look however, is quite prominent with respect to the hoverboards and can be distinctly perceived when you click here.

  • Better Power Package


Since the day Chinese hoverboards flooded markets at rock bottom prices, there was a wild cry among experts regarding the quality and reliability of these devices. Fueling their concerns, hoverboards started blowing up, which was traced to its inferior battery sets, as well as their lack of safety measures. This resulted in a mass ban for hoverboards, at almost every public place one can think of- from subways, restaurants, hotels, houses to shopping aisle and even in front of mom and pop stores, and coffee shops. As it turned out, people had little appetite for owning personal transportation devices which would double up as a personal blow up device on occasions. Segway’s new self-balancing scooters, instead focuses on safety of the products as well as more efficient battery pack, for a safe, smooth travel.

  • Better Handling


Segway’s self-balancing scooters offer better balancing in form of the surface area in contact with the user’s body. This is particularly a prime factor, as these scooters are controlled by using the alignment of the body, which is pretty difficult to score unless there is adequate surface area on offer for the user to place him/her comfortably.

  • Better Drivability


If compared based on specs, Segway’s products are better road worthy than their Chinese counterparts. While riding on roads, every pothole, an inch of uneven bitumen or even a small pebble can cause the Chinese hoverboards to knock them off their balance. The Segway self-balancing scooters are almost immune to such hurdles and can overcome them like an off-road pro, though not at a level like that of the Giant Glory or the Orange 324.

  • Up for the Daily Abuse


Any user who had experience with hoverboards would complain rather generously regarding the occasional dissection of the devices, when it runs into some obstacle, a wall for example. Such an impact would definitely show parts flying out or even collapse of the whole device. Segway on the other hand, is made keeping in mind the destruction caused by such impacts. This helps in more confidence while riding the Segway products as compared to the hoverboards made available.

While the devices manufactured by Segway are safe to operate than the ones manufactured in China, the huge difference in prices do cause a concern. As an example, an average hoverboard imported from China might cost some 200 to 300 bucks in the factory-made version, whereas Segway charges about 1000 bucks for the products it makes. Aside from this, Segway holds a clear dominance in every other respect over the Chinese ones.