Salon Appointment App: Let Your Clients Skip the Wait & Book Online

Salon Appointment App

Salon Appointment App: Let Your Clients Skip the Wait & Book Online | Does it happen that you have to send your clients back because your salon is full of customers? Or the total opposite, rarely one or two clients show up at your salon while your competitor’s door is flooding with them? The solution to both scenarios is one – A Salon Appointment App.

In the early days, the salon was a luxury which not all could afford and the rush was easy to manage. Today, with people becoming more and more conscious about their look, a salon has turned into a necessity. The Salon is one such industry where repeat business brings fortune. Guess what, 80% of the business’s future revenue can come from just 20% of your customers, according to a research firm – Gartner.

With the emergence of a salon at every street today, the competition is becoming fierce and if you are unable to provide your customers with instant services as per their convenience and comfort, they will move on to others, since the option is not limited to them. That’s why a salon appointment booking solution is important to keep customers coming to you.

Of course, your next question will be, ‘how the online beauty and hair salon software solution is going to benefit you?’ Well then, you must be already very well aware that people prefer everything online today and according to a study done by Groupon, women spent about $3,756 in a year on beauty products and in salons and apps alone contribute more than $40 billion to the industry. Isn’t that itself a big proof why make one?

Enough of talking, here are the reasons for and benefits of developing an online appointment booking solution;

No More Waiting

Nobody has to wait, neither your customers nor you. Your beauty and hair salon software will take your appointment bookings 24*7. You will no longer have to keep someone or struggle yourself in answering calls and scheduling or managing appointments. The customers can themselves check out your appointment calendar and book a preferable date, suitable time and even a favourite stylist, all via your app. Thus, neither your customers have to wait in long queues or try 100 calls for an appointment nor you have to keep the door open and pray for someone to come.

More Comebacks

Customer retention means a lot in the salon industry. When a customer is satisfied with your service, he/she will keep coming back to you, but for that to happen, you need to know their details, what their routine bookings are, how often they visit etc., so as to pamper them with personalised offers and remind them if you have any special discounts running on your salon. All this can be easily done only via a salon app. You can also give them cashback offers, discounts, referral or reward points, combo offers, etc. which will keep them engaged to your app and you will get repeat orders as well as new customers via them.

Guaranteed Income

Customers prefer marching to another salon than waiting for their turn. Some of them make an excuse that they will come back and never return while some book an appointment and never show up, there, your slot, time and money get wasted. Where none of this will happen in your salon appointment booking app as customers themselves will check the rush and book an empty slot suitable to them and in case, they can’t make it, they can reschedule it rather than cancelling it completely, which will enable other customers to get their slot instead. In a way, your business won’t be affected and you won’t lose anything in any way.

Market Opportunities

A salon app will open wide opportunities for your salon. It will enhance your brand image and make your salon known. With the feedback, reviews and rating feature in your app, you can get to know how your salon is doing and what improvements are required, instantly. This will help you grow and serve your customers better. Plus, your customers will talk about your app and bring more customers so you don’t have to plead anyone to visit your salon. Once you get a market exposure, business will flow.

Skip Unnecessary Procedures

Generally, what happens is – A customer comes to your salon. You ask what he/she would like to do, the customer asks you back to suggest what will be best for him/her. Again, you will have to ask what he/she had done last time and gather his/her skin and hair information. On the basis of which, you will make some suggestions, the customer will inquire about the services, you will have to explain them all, the customer will get confused and talk about the budget, you will try to convince and so on. You can see, how much time gets wasted in all this asking and decision-making process. While with your app, the above-said process won’t be required at all.

Your salon app will have the basic details of your customers like their contact numbers, skin and hair type, regular services they acquire etc. for you to work on them accordingly, while for customers, they can go through the information and rates of all services offered by you and decide in advance and book accordingly. Also, with chat options and by showing them the latest trends and personalised tips suitable to their hair and skin type, you can help them decide better and faster. This will prevent the unnecessary discussion at the salon and save the time of both.

In a nutshell

Getting a salon appointment app for your business will only help you reap benefits for a long term. And an app developed by an experienced beauty salon software builder will help accomplish even more than you can imagine. MobiCommerce has such seasoned builders who can make that happen. All you need to do is reach out us.

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