How to Renovate your Bathroom to Make it Energy Efficient


Jack Louis, Negosentro |  Renovations essentially do not have to be about looks and comfort all the time. Many office and home owners renovate their bathrooms simply to make them energy efficient and save on their energy bills while trying to stay ethically right by choosing eco-friendly ways. You too can do so and plan an energy efficient bathroom. Planning an energy saving bathroom does burns a hole in your pocket, and you can easily do so with some simple steps.

Change your old Faucets

Old faucets are problematic in two ways. They are often leaky and wastes water. Leaks do not show you a direct impact if the drops leaking out come at intervals. But when you add up the drops to form gallons of water, then you can see that how big volume of water is wasted annually because of your leaky faucet. This can be changed and improved even more when you install a low flow faucet. A low flow faucet would keep the water flow low, while giving you a nice stream of water in volume that is good enough and comfortable. If your old faucet is good for renovation, then you may add an aerator to it to add volume to water with mixed air. This makes you use less water and saves on energy.

Change your Shower Head

Low flow shower heads are great water savers and thus energy savers and make your bathroom energy efficient with a simple change. Low flow shower heads are not much costly, and anyone can afford it. With installing one, you would be using much less water during your short showers.

Replace your Bathtub with a Sauna

You can also replace your bathtub to create an energy efficient bathroom. Bathtubs use much high volume of water which is wasted for the bathing of an individual and does not make sense when you are looking towards energy conservation. You can use that space to install a sauna or steam bath system. Although heating up the water to create the steam would need energy, yet you may utilize the healthy sauna treatment as needed for a feeling of freshness. Steam opens up your pores and drains off dirt and is important for the skin. There are many other health benefits of steam bathing, and you can enjoy that by installing a sauna in place of your bathtub.

Toilet Tank Bank

The role of a toilet tank bank is to eat up the space inside your toilet tank flush tank. This makes the tank fill up with much lesser volume of water thus conserving energy. You can add this while renovating the bathroom.

Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a great way to create an energy efficient bathroom. But you need not replace your electric water heater if it’s in good condition. Instead of replacing one, you may use high quality insulation and put off power when it’s not in use.

Lighting Check

Recheck the lighting in your bathroom, and try to uninstall which are not needed, because bathrooms do not need much bright lights like living rooms, and lower voltage lights does well in lighting the whole space softly and yet pretty well for clear visibility. Changing old lights with new age energy saving lights is a good step.

Glass Panes

You can also install some glass panes on windows for allowing in more natural light in the bathroom if you have the scope. This is also a smart step in renovation that can make your bathroom renovations look roomy and bigger without electrical lighting in daytime, which definitely saves on energy.

Keeping the above points in mind, will help you to renovate the bathroom and save on the energy bills.