Key Reasons Why You Should Setup An Indoor Sprinkler In Your Business

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John Normans, Negosentro | Safety is a must, especially in business establishments. One way of making sure that your business establishment is safe, especially from fires, is to install an indoor sprinkler.

If you are still not convinced of the importance of indoor sprinklers, here are some reasons why you need to install them in your business establishments.

Indoor sprinklers can save lives and your business

When it comes to business establishments, it’s essential to ensure that safety measures are in place to protect your employees, customers, and the business as a whole.

  • Indoor sprinklers are very effective in cases involving fires since they activate quickly once they detect heat.
  • They can easily and efficiently control fires, especially if they are properly maintained.
  • Toxic fumes are the deadliest part of a fire. These toxic fumes can spread throughout the establishment quickly. Indoor sprinklers can reduce how much smoke is produced by a fire.
  • An uncontrollable fire can spread rapidly throughout the establishment. Indoor sprinklers can help reduce the rapid spread of the fire and contain it.

This is why every business establishment should install indoor sprinklers; so when there’s a fire, people inside the building can still get out safely.

Indoor sprinklers can significantly reduce your potential losses

Fire can bring devastating damage to your business establishment. But if you installed indoor sprinklers in your business establishment, the damage from a fire is minimized.

  • Automatic indoor sprinklers paired with other early warning fire systems are capable of reducing property damage and preventing injuries and deaths by more than 60%.
  • Businesses without indoor sprinkler systems can easily burn down to the ground. Even if your insurance protects your business establishment, the financial losses could be devastating to the point that your business is forced to close down after a fire and never reopen again.

Indoor sprinklers can contain the fire before it becomes out of control

You can have all the flame detectors, heat detectors, and smoke detectors you want in your business establishment, but they can’t do anything to contain a fire.

  • As soon as an indoor sprinkler detects fire, it will automatically deluge the fire with water and will not stop until its water supply runs out or until a fireman turns its water supply off.
  • Indoor sprinklers are designed to suppress a fire before it has a chance to spread. It also slows the down the spread of flames, allowing firefighters to save lives and property.

Indoor sprinklers are fault-free

Indoor sprinklers are virtually fault-free. This means that they will only activate once they detect a real flame or fire.

  • An indoor sprinkler will only turn on once its bulb or fuse inside the sprinkler head is heated to a specific temperature.
  • The sprinkler heads are so sensitive that they will automatically turn on once they detect fire and will also prevent unnecessary water damage to your property.

Indoor sprinklers don’t do a lot of water damage

Contrary to what most people think of indoor sprinklers, the water damage they may cause once they detect a fire is only minimal.

  • Indoor sprinklers are ideal for business establishments because they will not drench your workspace with too much water.
  • Important documents, computers, and appliances found in your workspace should not be at risk for water damage.
  • Indoor sprinklers use just enough water to contain the fire and extinguish it. They use less amount of water than firefighters.

Indoor sprinklers are not so expensive

The aftermath of a fire is devastating, and the cost of recovering from the damage could be very tremendous. You can prevent this from happening though by installing indoor sprinklers in your business establishment.

  • Indoor sprinklers are surprisingly affordable, contrary to what most people think about them.
  • The cost of installing indoor sprinklers may vary from the size of the building and its location.
  • Paying for indoor sprinklers is a good investment since they protect your business establishment in case of a fire.
  • The insurance premiums of your business establishment will also go down if you install indoor sprinklers, allowing you to save more.

Indoor sprinklers are required by the law

The law requires all business establishment to install fire protection systems such as indoor sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc.

  • In fact, firefighters suggest that all business establishments have indoor sprinklers. Many fire service professionals also recommend them for residential buildings as well.
  • Indoor sprinklers can do a lot in saving lives and the business itself if they are strategically placed and well maintained.
  • You need to consult with your local fire authority for guidance when installing indoor sprinklers in your business.

If you haven’t done an audit and installed an indoor sprinkler in your business establishment, then you are putting your business at risk not to mention that indoor sprinklers are mandated by the government, which means that you are committing a violation.

Be sure to install indoor sprinklers in your business establishment and maintain them regularly so that your property, and all the people within it, will be safe if there’s a fire.

John Normans

John is an engineer who has worked on some large building and audit projects over the years. Throughout that time, he’s written about his experiences and has contributed articles for in the past. When he’s not on the job, you can find John at home with his wife and kids.

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