Is It Possible to Build Your Own Racing Drone on a Tight Budget?


Sayan Biswas, Negosentro |  When it comes to tech that has taken the consumer market by storm, drones are definitely up there near the top of the list. Statistics show that sales of tech such as tablets and smartphones is cooling down somewhat, or remaining stagnant, while the sales of drones are continuing to climb. The number of drones sold in 2016 was more than 2.2 million units worldwide, which just goes to show what a red-hot market it is.

The popularity and increase in demand have helped with the pricing of the drones too. What started out as a very expensive purchase can now be found for a smaller price tag, depending on the features you want and the size of the drone. While some people use their drones for photo opportunities and exploring, drone racing has also become quite the thing as of late. In fact, there are even drone racing leagues for those who are trying to take the sport to a professional level.

Drone racing requires the drone to be highly maneuverable, fast, and agile, which can increase the price tag of the unit. This is why many people look into building their own racing drone to fit their specific needs and budget. If you’re on a tight budget and are wondering if it’s even possible to build a racing drone with your funds, you’ll want to read on.

Look Into Kits to Save Money

Rather than searching for all the parts on your own, which is not only time-consuming but can also add up where price is concerned, a good plan is to shop for a racing drone kit. You can find kits as low as $100 that will allow you to build a unit relatively easy and fast so that you can start enjoying racing.

You’ll need such parts as the motor, frame, power distribution board, a speed controller, a flight control board, an FPV camera, propellors, and an FPV transmitter. You can find all these parts online at such sites as Banggood and Amazon.

Upgrades Will Increase the Price

If you want to make any sort of upgrades or tweaks to your drone kit, keep in mind that it needs to be compatible with your unit, and it will increase the price. Depending on the upgrade though, it will provide you with more power and speed, which are both necessary for drone racing.

Shop for Reliable Parts

While the budget may be your main concern, as a beginner you will want to be sure the parts you are buying are also reliable. Learning how to race a drone does have a learning curve, which means some crashes and hard landings may be in your future. Purchasing parts that are reliable and durable means you won’t have to worry about replacing things earlier than you may anticipate.

No Need to Spend a Fortune

When it comes to your first racing drone, or even your second or third, there is no reason you can’t find great deals and build your very own unit.

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