5 Ways HPE Servers are a Cut Above the Rest

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Negosentro | Hewlett Packard Enterprise launched their new innovations regarding industry standard servers. Moreover, the HPE has partnered with the Advanced Micro Devices semiconductor company to promote optimum performance and high-security breakthroughs related to server virtualization and memory-centric workloads.

According to Justin Hotard, the Vice President and General Manager of Volume Global Business Unit at HPE, he remarked that the company is introducing to the market the most innovative and latest technology. In this technology, the objective is to deliver the best value services for their customers to accelerate the delivery of products, new ideas, and services.

With regards to this revolution, HPE has technically proven that their engineering, IT support, products, and services were topnotch and high-end among the competitors. To guide the businesses with the HPE servers, here are some of the advantages:

  • Promotes Encrypted and High Security

HPE upgraded their servers with utmost security controls that can detect infrastructure attacks, firmware threats, ransomware, cyber threats, and hack attempts. It is incorporated with security features that can solve data loss and denial of service.

Moreover, HPE manifests silicon root of trust to its products in which their servers were encrypted with digital fingerprints. In this way, silicon root of trust prevents the server not to boot with compromised firmware. It is also automated with recovery system in case the firmware is compromised. Thereafter, the HPE firmware threat detection will help the server to get operational again.

With built-in CNSA-suite, the HPE servers are constructed with high-level security algorithms to keep the data confidential and protect the server as well.  According to Jason Shropshire, the Senior Vice President and CTO of the Infusion Points, he remarked, the HPE has the outstanding capability to manufacture its own silicon product and protect the firmware as compared with its other great competitors.

  • Experience Expandability and High Performance

HPE is keen on developing high-end and quality enterprise servers that can deliver high performance and expandability to work with business-critical workloads. For instance, the HPE ProLiant DL385Gen10 can be utilized in extremely diverse workload environment. It can also carry out digital information in an instant and fast approach.  

HPE can support multiple applications. They are compatible with any series and model of computers whether desktop or laptop. Built with scale-servers, HPE is confident to promote their compact servers with Oracle and Microsoft SQL. These servers can provide versatile performance optimizes storage, and manageable to address complex workloads.

Furthermore, these improvements can provide IT savings in the long-run. These servers can help reducing the licensing costs and offer high-performance RDBMS enterprise.

3.Optimize Data Center Utilization

In today’s generation, businesses are becoming more demanding to statistically know the status of their data centers and performance of their IT environment. HPE servers are built to solve these IT issues to bring the data centers compute and deliver precisely the business results.

In addition, the HPE optimize data center utilization to improve database and application performance, simulate apps with huge data priorities, and enable cloud-based hybrid projects. Preparing the IT department to switch on advanced servers is a crucial and critical stage of the business. Nevertheless, this transition phase can help the business accurately deliver information across the intercompany and intracompany activities.

HPE is also providing professional consultations for businesses that deal with IT infrastructure with demanding workloads.

  1. Flexible Financial Models Align with the Business Budget

Though how financially prosperous or declining the businesses are, the companies are still seeking affordable yet quality servers that can provide optimum performance to their business. In HPE, they can recommend servers suitable for the specific industry and size of the company. They ensure that the businesses can acquire servers align with their budgets.

HPE experts can help the businesses to evaluate their IT models and data center modernization to map out the necessary enhancements for your IT department. They can also offer wide-range of better options suitable for your business needs and tight budgets.

  1. Design for Tuning Features and Agile Performance

Optimization is a big word for the businesses within their IT departments. However, this can be achieved with the appropriate devices, and equipment that can support their IT department. HPE experts can assist the businesses to acquire the best IT designs and models to elevate and expedite their operations.

HPE allow the IT workstations to deliver digital information in a reliable, quick, and secure manner. These servers can also support the heavy traffic on the delivery of data as well as they can also transport multiple data across the departments.

For the best practices in the data center optimization and modernization, businesses can visit the HPE consultations team via their website or Facebook page to inquire regarding HPE servers and various IT solutions

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