How Pellet Stove is Important for Your Home: Complete Guide


John Journey, Negosentro |  A Pellet stove is a great heating solution for your home. It is a highly effective heater that allows you to turn down your domestic thermostat in the course of warming your room, offering comfort, and reducing your energy bills. The best pellet stoves offer a pleasant warming environment, feature a great heating capacity and they are very simple to use.

Pellet stove features a very low emission level, unlike the normal fireplaces and wood stoves.  These stoves may appear simple upon installation, but the truth is that pellet stoves make use of a sophisticated mechanism that will give you control on the output and the total number of pellets burning for each hour. Pellet stoves make use of electricity for power.

Furthermore, the stove works by putting a hopper loaded with pellets on the top or at the base of the unit. Then, a motorized gadget called auger which looks like a screw now shifts the pellets from the hopper right into the burning pot. You are really controlling the speed of the auger when moving the pellets, by the time you control the heating output of the pellet stove. Pellet stoves don’t burn wood, unlike the wood stoves, but they burn small pellets normally produced from corn, sawdust, or recycled wood shavings.

Types of Pellet Stoves

The two essential types of pellet stoves available out there are the pellet inserts and the freestanding pellet stoves.

The Pellet Inserts – You will probably use a pellet insert that fits into the current chimney or fireplace, provided that you have an existing fireplace. However, it is suggested that you seek the attention of an expert installer to conduct an inspection on your chimney and fireplace to see how suitable and safe it is, before you can be able to fit a pellet insert. However, a number of pellet inserts are permitted just for use in masonry fireplaces, while you can as well install others in approved factory-constructed metal fireplaces.

The Freestanding – This is the design of the most popular pellet stove. A pedestal or legs normally support these kinds of pellet stoves to give them the utmost flexibility as far installation is concerned. You can use place your best pellet stove anywhere in the living space of your house. A freestanding pellet stove can normally be mounted closer to the walls and other burnable surfaces unlike a typical cordwood stove, even though it must be installed on a noncombustible floor protector.

How Important is the Best Pellet Stove?

Apart from the fact that pellet stoves will keep you warm, there is some other importance of the best pellet stove. Here are what make the best pellet stoves.

The Pellets Burn Cleaner

As a result of the fuel’s constancy and the stove’s burning mechanics, pellets burn exceptionally hot. In other words, they burn more proficiently and cleaner than wood—emitting far fewer particulates into the air.

In addition, pellets produce less ash than cordwood and create less creosote, which is a well-known wood stove and fireplace danger that blackens glass doors and collects in chimneys, probably resulting in chimney fires.

Quite Simple to Manipulate and Control

Using this type of stove is a no-brainer at all! In fact, it is fast and simple to manage and control a pellet heater.

The Pellets of the Stove Produce More Heat

The burning effectiveness of any particular appliance is a measure of how much of a fuel is transformed into energy by that appliance. Best pellet stoves provide up to 75% to 90% effectiveness in general (make sure you look for the “general efficiency” ratings of the stove when comparing models). As a matter of fact, so much heat is removed that a good number of pellet stoves may be vented out through a wall horizontally.

Safe to Use

Pellet stoves are safer to use and better options to a wood stove, when it comes to ease of use. The following safety features are available in most pellet stoves:

  • Auto shutdown – Keeps an eye on both the burn rate and temperature for abnormal situations and shuts the stove down automatically if required
  • The pressure switch – Shuts off the feed motor automatically if the ash door or the front door is opened. Furthermore, it discovers when the venting system is not functioning perfectly.
  • The exhaust sensing probe – This shuts down when strangely high temperatures are noticed.

Control and Reduce Your Heating Costs

No one likes paying an exorbitant heating bill at the end of the month, not to talk about energy prices for oil, electricity, and gas that is skyrocketing almost every time, making it difficult to control the heating budget. The fact that you can control and reduce your heating costs for the whole season or period is one of the importance that pellet stoves offer.

To be on the safe side, you can look around for the best fuel pellet deals in advance and buy in large quantity that will last you through the cold months. When you do this, you will not experience nasty surprises and you will settle you’re your heating costs up front.

In addition, fuel pellets are more cost-effective than nearly all the other methods of heating. Hence, you will be able to reduce your heating costs and take full control of your heating costs.

It is Safe for the Environment

It is environmentally safe to use pellet stoves. They don’t cause pollution or health hazards because pellet heaters make use of fuel that is frequently generated from waste materials, sawdust, and offcuts. As a result, you are making use of recycled products that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Moreover, pellet stoves burn much more capable and generate much less wood smoke than other solid fuel burning heaters. Consequently, they put out less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Tips for Buying the Best Pellet Stoves (What to Look for)

  1. A big firebox or pellet hopper – You must refill this pellet hopper more frequently for the effective functioning of the stove.
  2. An elongated and efficient burn – The more efficient the pellet stove, the more money you will save. This is because the best pellet stoves can keep the fire burning all night or day without being reloaded.
  3. The correct size – As a rule of thumb, the bigger your stove, the more heat it produces and the bigger is the space it will heat. It is suggested by some professionals that you should buy a stove bigger than you believe you will need, while others warn that a too big stove can be a problem. This is because you may not have the resources to build the fire hot that will be enough to meet the optimal burn rates for low emissions if it is too big.
  4. Readily available fuel in your area – Before you buy your stove, think about the present and future supply and availability of fuel, regardless of the type of fuel you use for your stove.
  5. External Air Kit – This will improve the efficiency of the stove and reduce pollution and drafts within the house. There are external air kits for nearly all stoves as a non-compulsory purchase.
  6. A Thermostat and Automatic Ignition – This is what will keep the home at a particular set temperature, even when you are not at home. But you can save money by selecting a more fundamental model without these features if you are always at home.
  7. An Easy to Empty Big Ash Pan – This is what makes one of the messiest chores linked with pellet stoves much simpler and what you will need to do infrequently.
  8. 12-Volt Fan and Backup Battery – The battery kicks off automatically if the electricity goes out, even while you are away. A 12-Volt fan system is available to keep the hot air flowing.
  9. The Self-cleaning Glass – This is a clean viewing glass that makes it easier for you to watch the fire burning. Furthermore, it allows you to check the performance of your stove as well as the interior cleanliness of the firebox.


A pellet stove creates warmth by burning diminutive wood pellets that burn efficiently due to the fact that they are so dense, instead of burning large pieces of wood. Pellet stoves are good because they don’t occupy too much space and they are more compact than the old school type of stoves. Look for a unit that has a big viewing glass if you prefer a more traditional look.