Mama Sita’s serves heirloom Goto-Arroz Caldo on Day 2 Madrid Fusion Manila

Mama Sita's goto arroz caldo
Mama Sita's Goto-Arroz Caldo Bar
Mama Sita’s Goto-Arroz Caldo Bar

Kusina ni Mama Sita is simmering away a rich buttery stock for their Goto-Arroz Caldo to be served on the second day of Madrid Fusion Manila (MFM), running from April 6 to 8. A most anticipated foodie event in the metro, Madrid Fusion Manila promotes their theme this year “Towards a Sustainable Gastronomy,” to encourage the food industry to use earth-friendly food sources, and reduce food waste.

The Regional Lunch at Madrid Fusion Congress is something the foodies look forward to as a huge array of food tasting samples, prepared by various chefs and sponsors from north to south, will be served. Organized by the Department of Agriculture together with competent curators, the Regional Lunch is a venue to highlight Philippine agricultural products including heirloom rice and corn.

Mama Sita’s Goto-Arroz Caldo, an heirloom recipe of Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes, is a hot ginger rice porridge with ox tripe.  This will be served with a selection of tasty toppings: fried pork chitterlings, carabao cracklings, butcheron, chicharong bulaklak, fish skin cracklings, crispy dilis and kropek— all making good use of fish and livestock—from “nose-to-tail.”

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