What to keep in mind before you make your first online tyre purchase

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Cindy Del Rio, NegosentroOnly a very few drivers are aware of the fact that having good tyres is the most important safety measure. The reason is quite simple. The tyres are the only parts of the vehicle that come in contact with the road. Even an engine that is in perfect condition, the best anti-skid system and the best brake system are all secondary to tyres’ grip on the road when it comes to safety.

So, if the tyres are worn out, the driver and all the occupants of the vehicle are at risk. Worn out tyres are very slippery and they skid more, especially on wet roads. Think about tyre blow out. Worn out tyres are much more prone to this than new tyres. Your tyre could blow out while you are in top speed.

It is a known fact that when you experience a tyre blow out, you should not apply a brake. The problem is that when you hear the loud sound, you would have applied your brake out of reflex before you realize that it is actually a tyre blow out. This is why you should never leave the choice of your tyres to only price, availability and reputation.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know the most important factors in choosing their tyres. The most important tips have been outlined right below. You just need to follow the tips to the letter and you won’t go wrong.

Important tips to follow when ordering tyres online

Order tyres from a reputable online store

The first rule is to order your tyres from a highly reputable supplier. This is because they don’t just sell tyres, they sell the highest quality tyres because they need you to come back for more and to also refer people to them. Apart from just selling tyres, they guide you on the choice of tyres.

They offer the best. They have built a reputation over the years and they have to protect it. If you order your tyres from a reputable online store that has been selling tyres for years, then you can sleep easy. No store can be in business for years by selling low quality products.

Knowing when to change your tyres

If any of your tyres has excessive tread wear, it is time to change your tyres. If the sidewalls of your tyres are cracked or they have bulges or discoloration, you should prepare to change them. Some people have great driving habits that even after 10 years, their tyres still look pretty new. If any of your tyres is over 10 years, you should replace it no matter how new it looks. This is because rubber gets with weak with more exposure to oxygen.

Tyres get weaker with time even when they are not used

Whenever you see a pretty new tyre that gets blown out, this will probably be the reason. The tyre is old but it is just looking new. Continuous exposure to oxygen weakens tyres even if they are not subjected to much usage. There is nothing you can do about it. Don’t follow the wrong argument that your tyres is over 10 years old but you hardly use your car so your tyres are still as good as new. It is wrong.

Tyres expire too

Do you realize that tyres do expire like drugs and food products? In fact, tyres have expiry dates. So, it is not only about usage. When any of your tyres is more than 10 years old, it should be replaced. It is a trap. It is already weak. A little puncture can cause a terrible blow out.

Put your newest tyre(s) in front

If you are not changing all your tyres, the newest ones should be in front. It is important that your best newest tyres should be at the front because they are subjected to more usages. The ones at the back just roll forward and backward but the ones in front turn left and right in addition to rolling forward and backward. When you want to turn right or left, it is the pair of tyres in front that turns right or left.

Check the manual of your car

Take the time to check the tyre section of the manual of your car. There are recommendations about the best size and type of tyres that work best for your car. It is advisable to follow the recommendation and instructions therein. You can’t get the best of your tyres without following the recommendations. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers and car owners do not take the time to read their car manual properly because they find it too long. It is important to read yours and pay close attention to the tyre section.

If your car manual is missing, ask your dealer. You should be able to get another one at a very low cost because car manuals are not really in demand.

Try to understand the tyre code

Every tyre comes with a long code written boldly on it. The code represents a set of information. Try to understand it. In fact, it is advisable to be curious about your car. You should understand what every sign and message means.

The manufacturer is bound by law to put the code on the sidewall of each tyre. Below is a typical tyre code coupled with the necessary interpretations. Understanding these codes will guide you in ordering the replacement of your tyres online.

Code interpretation

LT220/45R 16 105H M+S

  • LT: This stands for light truck. It means the tyre is meant for a light truck
  • 220: This is the tyre’s width in milimetres
  • 45: This stands for the ratio of height to width of the tyre.
  • R: This indicates radial construction. You can ignore this because virtually all tyres manufactured these days are radial.
  • 16: This is the diameter of the suitable wheel
  • 105: This is the load index of your tyre. It could also be in three digits
  • H: This is the speed rating of your tyre
  • M+S: This means the tyre can be used on mud and snow.

Some tyres have a longer code. The additional numbers and letters usually refer to maximum load rating, maximum inflation pressure, manufacture date… etc.

Check your wheels

If your wheels are damaged and worn out you need to change them. You can’t get the best from your tyres if your rims have issues. In fact, damaged rims will spoil your tyres.

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