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Joanna Marie, Negosentro | There are many bots for Instagram. But this Instagram Bot is an intelligent bot which will select for you only the targeted followers and potential customers.

How does bot for Instagram work?

  1. You should log on and add the account that you want to promote
  2. Indicate the accounts of competitors or hashtags, which you can find target audience
  3. After the button start is pushed smart online bot for Instagram under the guise of your account starts follow and put “likes” to followers of your competitors
  4. Potential customers see the notification and if you promote the goods or services they are interested in, then they follow your account in response!

Is it really so simple?

Yes, because smart bot can easily cope with all the pitfalls that you might encounter, promoting accounts in Instagram to increase the number of their Instagram followers. Though you can use Instagram tools followers to help.

As you know, Instagram has limits: per day account can sign up about 1,000 people and put about 1000 likes. If you exceed these limits, the account may be blocked. Clever Instagram auto followers bot operates within these limits, so the promotion will be completely safe.

Among the followers of your competitors you can catch foreign and business accounts and not to spend on them, a limited amount of likes and subscriptions Bigbangram bot filters out those users and does not interact with them.

How the filtration is realized?

The algorithm for determining the business and foreign accounts is very complex and is improving every day, but the essence is this:

— to weed out the business account used stop words that can occur in descriptions, for example, “store”, “manicure”, “shipping”, etc.

— to identify foreign accounts, our Instagram bot is carefully studying the profile description and comments to photos. If there is mostly a foreign language, with such accounts there will be no any interaction.

Subscriptions do not cause excessive negative obsession, as many bots for Instagram do: by subscribing to person Bigbangram bot looks whether the subscription in response

And in order to reach the maximum number of people per day, we put the likes and subscribe to different people: so simple and safe coverage is obtained twice! For likes Instagram bot, too, fits perfectly: the more account has followers, the more activity we interact with it.

You only need to add competitors, and our bot day after day will work with a given audience, and you will only observe the daily increase in the number of subscribers.

And when the online service will finish treating all subscribers of competitors, you will receive a quick notification that you have to add some new ones.

Yes, BigBangram bot is also a bot for unfollow. It will automatically unfollow when the limit specified by Instagram — 7,500 people will exceed. But if you do not want your account has reached this maximum of followers, you can set your limit: for example, after account sign up to 3000 people, it can automatically switch to unfollows.

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