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Facebook Live Streaming Alternatives | Live streaming has become the most common way for people uses to connect with their audience. You can now connect to a large number of your audience at once without any difficulty. Live streaming has made people move from the analogue way of organizing events to the digital form. That is because physical events have a lot of challenges and drawbacks.

Every sector now uses live streaming from the business to the entertainment industry to connect with their audience. Many platforms have been developed that offers live stream services due to the increased demand. One of those platforms is Facebook. The majority of the people are available on Facebook as compared to other platforms. 

Many people love Facebook for live streaming because of its advantages over other platforms, such as being cost-effective. However, there are several Facebook alternatives you can use for live streaming. 

Some of the Facebook alternatives for live streaming videos are explained in the article below.


  • Twitch. TV



Twitch is the longest-serving streaming platform and is also the most popular platform. The platform is consistent and offers quality video streams to its audience. It offers video game streams for games and others like training videos. The platform has served a lot of audiences since it came to provide live stream service, therefore, suitable you know how to get viewers on Twitch

Key Features 

  • The platform works together with OBS
  • The setting up in the channel is free and quick
  • It allows creators to generate revenue via their affiliate program
  • It has access to transcoding


  • It has exclusivity; that is, its content is exclusive to the platform for the next 24 hours
  • It has a subscription fee


  • Mixcloud Live


Mixcloud platform is new in the live streaming services. It recently announced its live-streaming platform called Mixcloud live. Because of its available advantages to its audience, it has made good progress within a short time. The platform allows its audience to live stream audio and visuals from a live streaming standard desktop. Another advantage the platform has to its viewers is that they can engage and chat on the viewing page.

Key Features

  • The platform has licenced agreement with publishers and performance right organizations; therefore, the music they stream earn revenue for artists involved.
  • Has signed deals with universal music group; therefore, the music they stream is part of the catalogue.
  • It highlights and schedules shows.
  • It offers videos of unique taste because it personalizes the channel.
  • The user easily controls the followers’ subscription feature.
  • Live stream with real-time analytics


  • The platform has not reached an optimum level, it continues to be improved, and more features are being added
  • It has paid subscription. You must have PRO membership to stream on the channel.



  • YouTube Live


When it comes to anything related to video, the first platform for people’s minds is YouTube. The platform is one of Facebook’s alternative, is popularly known for video services, whether recorded or live stream. That has made a lot of people to be familiar with the platform.

Key Features

  • It is the best platform in terms of searchability and SEO
  • The platform has many unique features such as engagement and real-time chat, which makes it the best solution provider for live streams.


  • You might play a song on the platform and have your stream blocked or getting stopped because their system allows sharing of added revenue on the streamed mix.
  • The platform requires you to link an approved Adsense account to your YouTube account if you want to embed your stream on an external site.
  • You must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers to live stream on YouTube using a mobile device.
  • You need to have a verified Google account to get started.




Zoom is a video conferencing app, and most people have been using it to hold a staff meeting and also, students have used it to attend online classes. Zoom differs from other video streaming platforms in that you can have a ton of people in the same call. Your guest can see your face and those of other participants. Those features make it different from other platforms, which is why most people prefer it, especially for teaching purposes.

Key Features

  • There are zero copyright cases
  • You can have parties with up to one hundred people
  • The host can record the video and share it with other people afterwards


  • It cannot monetize
  • The sound quality for the video is not of good quality.
  • Free options have a limit of 40 minutes long sessions.
  • The host can only record the set; it is, therefore, not possible to playback unless it is recorded and posted on a different platform.


Live streaming of videos has made things easier nowadays and has also made people save a lot of time and money. If you have not used it, you can try it on one of those platforms.

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