11 Ways to Promote a Local Business on Instagram


In today’s world, more entrepreneurs and corporate leaders are realizing that connecting with prospects via social media is a wonderful way to improve conversion rates. If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion, now is the perfect time to tap into the power of promoting your local business on Instagram. Below are 11 strategies you can utilize to realize this objective:

1. Participate.

Just like all the other social media platforms, Instagram is a community. This means that having success on the platform necessitates that you become actively involved with it. To do so, you must move beyond the realm of merely posting videos and images. Additionally, make sure that you are following influencers and actively participating in group dialogues.

2. Repost Local Content.

Another strategy you can use to strengthen your business’s local reputation is regularly reposting the content submitted by local celebrities, business owners, and followers. This technique can catch the attention of the individual who wrote the content and cause them to mention you on their Instagram. In turn, the individuals who follow the original content creator may become cognizant of your brand. Finally, sharing content developed by real individuals can give your own brand a more humanized, approachable image.

3. Keep Your Brand Identity Consistent.

Another technique that you can implement to promote your local business is keeping your brand identity consistent. This technique is important because if your Instagram persona is wildly different from the image you create on other social media channels, you will confuse your customers and hamper the brand recognition process that tends to precede conversion. As such, make sure that you are utilizing similar images, colors, icons, and other branding elements across all of your social media platforms.

4. Don’t Get Into Blanket Posting.

Blanket posting is the process of publishing the same message or content across most or all of your social media platforms. This approach is dangerous because it means that your audience will be seeing the same message multiple times. This can be an incredibly boring, disappointing, and profoundly irritating experience for your audience. Thus while you need to keep your brand image consistent across all channels, you should simultaneously avoid making everything look and feel exactly the same on each social media medium. If you ever run out of fresh ideas for your content, note that simply documenting what you already know can be an incredibly effective way to consistently produce new, valuable content. Also, consider the value of taking your content creation cues from incredibly successful blogs with a large following. Two wildly popular blogs include TechCrunch and CopyBlogger.

5. Show The Local Lifestyle.

The term “local lifestyle” references the activities and attitudes that the customer engages in upon purchasing your product. Emphasizing local lifestyle is important because it will enable your audience to envision all of the fun they’ll have after purchasing your product. You can use your Instagram account to publish pictures of your products in action. The big benefit of demonstrating local lifestyle is that it encourages conversion.

6. Take Trends And Run With Them.

Another strategy you can implement to make your local business known via Instagram is going with the trends. When you follow trends and post content that is relevant to your audience, your ability to catch and maintain their attention increases exponentially. This is because you’re covering topics that the masses already find interesting or relevant.

7. Focus On Localized Hashtags.

Focusing on local hashtags enables individuals in the local area to find your business as well as your posts. This is why using a hashtag like #AtlantaNature is more effective than a generic #nature hashtag.

8. Put A Link In Your Bio.

Links enable your followers to convert by redirecting them to your company website. Thus adding a link to your bio is a wonderful conversion optimization strategy.

9. Geotag Each Post.

Telling people where your business can be found increases the likelihood that they’ll visit it. To achieve this outcome, geotag your posts with your location. When individuals click your location link, they’ll be taken to a map page. This map will show your users exactly where your company is located.

10. Let The Professionals Help You.

One final strategy that can take your Instagram efficacy from average to excellent is allowing the professionals to help you. By hiring a professional photographer, you can decrease the likelihood of your photos being blurry or lower quality. If you’re looking for a social media agency in Delhi whose professionals can help optimize your Instagram presence, know that the techies of Green Web Media can assist you.

11. Track And Measure Your Efforts.

Doing things that don’t work is illogical and counterproductive. To ensure that you’re only implementing strategies that actually work, make sure that you’re using analytic measures to gauge the efficacy of your primary strategies.


If you’re ready to start promoting your local business via Instagram, now is the time to begin. Utilize some or all of the techniques outlined above to make your Instagram presence absolutely incredible. Also be sure to connect with a social media agency in Delhi like Green Web Media so that you can begin converting more prospects soon!


Author Bio – Saloni Bhatnagar is working as SEO Analyst in Green Web Media. She enjoys writing about digital marketing insights, trends, and updates for various prestigious platforms. In her spare time, she likes reading, cooking and watching movies.

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