Social Media Hacks for New Entrepreneurs

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While you may understand that a strong social media presence is vital to your new business, you may not know how to get started. There are some tricks you can employ to help you build up your online footprint, which will ultimately help drive customers to your new business or new product. By employing some of these practices, you can get an advantage over those who are still struggling to understand what social media means for business.

Building Your Brand

By now, you’ve heard of the importance of building your brand time and again, but that involves more than just getting online every day. Certainly, maintaining a constant presence is important to that objective, but so is being consistent and knowing what you hope to achieve. By developing a plan for your social media activities and working toward a goal, you’ll give your presence more focus. You want people to know what to expect from you and, more importantly, you want them to associate your posts with your business.

Build Relationships

Suppose you create relevant posts and utilize SEO factors, which all works towards helping you amass a strong following. You’ll start losing those followers, if they feel as though you’re just trying to sell to them. Consumers can spot a hard sell a mile away and, as recent marketing research indicates, they really don’t like it. They want authenticity and transparency from the businesses they support. The best way to deliver on that expectation is to build real and lasting relationships. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Respond promptly and personally to comments and feedback.
  • Tag customers to thank them for recent purchases and ask if they were satisfied with the experience.
  • Create unique posts that specifically address questions posed by your followers.

The Cost of Social Media

While it may be free to create a Facebook page or an Instagram account, there are costs to maintaining an online presence that aren’t plain to see. Primarily, there are the hours you’ll spend online each week, devoting a portion of your time to developing relationships with your followers. It’s a significant investment, although it will pay off if you can turn those followers into customers. It takes time to see a ROI for your social media branding efforts, so be prepared to sacrifice hours and hours to build up your presence and establish those lasting relationships.

There are also more obvious costs to social media. Every social media platform offers paid advertising options that can help you reach users who are not currently following your accounts. The costs and terms vary by site, but they’re all relatively cheap, depending on how much you include in your budget. For instance, many entrepreneurs use the “dollar a day” strategy on Facebook. Once you sign up for Facebook ads, you can identify your audience or demographic and pay a dollar a day to have select posts promoted. By choosing posts that highlight your business, you can boost your reach on social media.

Expand Your Online Presence

Ask you customers to follow you on your various social media accounts and post the links to your pages on your website. This will help you get followers who already support your business, which means they will be much more likely to share your content. As they say, content is king, so the more interaction you can get, the better for your brand. While you may not get every customer to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, those that do will bolster your reputation and help you build more relationships.

There’s no easy trick to getting a huge following on social media platforms. There are services that sell followers, but you’ll only be paying for numbers. You’ll get little to no interaction from those users. For quality followers who may become customers for your business, it will take a long-term investment of time and an honest interest in fostering new relationships.

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