What Innovative Shower Approaches Can Digital Shower Controls Offer

Digital Shower

Tina Oliver, Negosentro | In the growing world of technology many people must have thought things like better phones, levitating bikes but who would have thought of taking high technology showers with this impeccable innovation called a digital shower? The spirits of the ancient kings and queens can be jealous now. There is no more need to spend minutes in trying to get the water temperature not too hot not too cold but just right because the digital shower is here to do it for you. What a digital shower does is mix both cold and hot water to your desired temperature using a digital processing unit. It comes with a remote control so you can easily set it according to your liking.

Digital shower not only comes with an inbuilt memory but lets each of the family members save their favorite shower settings beforehand. No more fights on who plotted against who to shiver under a cold shower in winters. Many people are installing it on reachable places inside or outside the shower for easier controls and better durability.

The Innovative Technology labored in a Digital Shower

Mostly digital showers are hooked with a display screen to show you the water temperature and shower styles that you’ve set making it much easier for you to find out what kind of shower you will be expecting today. The water flow and temperature both of the things are constantly monitored by your digital shower to provide you with a comfortable shower experience. It is extremely user-friendly and designed simply so you can get familiar with your digital shower control.

A digital shower gives you a leverage of adjusting the water flow and temperature by setting it up outside the shower area before even stepping in the shower, so you are safe from a quick chilly water strike. You and your loved ones can set their preferred settings and save them in the memory, so none of you have to go through the whole process of setting the shower all over again. As if all these things weren’t enough, a digital shower also has the technology to notify you that your desired function has been set and that changes are being made in the settings.

Geared up Options

A digital shower has a pump technology that makes your life way easier if your house has plumbing issues which result in lower water pressures or no water at all. Digital showers come with an inbuilt water pump that increases the water pressure and makes you smile at the long gone days with no water or a little water and a lot of suffering. So forget about spending thousands of dollars for a new water pumping system and equip your house with a digital shower for a lavish shower experience.

Thermostatic Features of a Digital Shower

Every regular shower that is made these days has some thermostatic features and valves in it, but many screams we hear outside the bathroom door due to cold or hot water are a witness that those features are failing and are not as efficient as a digital shower thermostat. A particular Digital shower control lets you determine your desired temperature and helps in maintaining it while working invisibly at the back end to keep things from getting horrible at your end.

If in case, while you are in a shower and cold water runs out, your digital shower will make sure of your safety by automatically turning the shower head off to avoid any burn injuries. Let’s say the cold water doesn’t completely run out, in that case, your digital shower will make sure to adjust the thermostat valve to a temperature required by you or at least close to your desired temperature. You can read even more here: https://walkinshowers.org/best-digital-shower-control-reviews.html

Pros and Cons of a Digital Shower

Apart from many advantages stated above, there is another never ending list of advantages of a digital shower.

  • With the help of on board buttons, it becomes easier for you to operate your digital shower.
  • It is simple and easy to install and doesn’t require post fixing trips.
  • Digital showers are very stylish and can add a whole new dimension to the way your house looks.
  • Many digital showers are equipped with wireless technology to give you the freedom to control your shower while being 10 meters away from it.
  • Digital showers are Eco-friendly and come with a remote control
  • Digital showers come with an LCD screen and color coded lights which make your shower experience even more heavenly.

Talking about many advantages of a digital shower let’s shed some light on countable and too few disadvantages of a digital shower which include:

  • Digital showers are more expensive than regular showers
  • The pumping options of a digital shower are not as strong as an individual manual pump.

Things to Look for While Buying a Digital Shower

  1. The first and the foremost important thing is to pre plan the placement and location of the processor box that comes along with a digital shower. This is an important box inside which happens the magic of mixing water and preparing it for your shower.
  2. Always research before going out to buy a digital shower especially if you are doing it for the first time. It’s always best to decide beforehand keeping all your requirements in mind rather than deciding on location with hundreds of options around you. Set a budget for a digital shower and choose the best option remaining inside that budget.


So the conclusion of the whole fuss about digital showers is that they are without a doubt the most durable, long lasting and reliable showers which will work years for you without a single hiccup. Digital showers are a key enhanced and better shower experiences and are no less than bathing in a Jacuzzi tub or natural hot spring shower.

Because of their high technology features, they have become extremely popular among people of all ages. Digital showers should always be installed by professional people who are authorized to do so to avoid any mishaps or damage to the house or the shower. Make sure you always talk to professionals or research online before buying a digital shower, so you get the most out of the money that you will be spending. So it would be safe to say that digital showers work nothing less than a muscle relaxant after a long, tiring day outside spent working or with your family. I guarantee you that you’d be waiting for your turn to take a shower while other house members occupy it for their own time.