Implementation of Managed Hosting Services for your Online Business

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Mohd. Sohel Ather, Negosentro |  With the onset of internet, our lives have taken an unexpected turn, which has paved way for splendid results. Businesses from any genre prefer an online presence rather than opting for physical shops. Are you one of them? Are you considering the World Wide Web as the latest destination for your business?

If the above-mentioned questions have positive answers, then you have come to the right place. Click here to know the specifications of managed hosting that fetch outstanding output. Now, the concern is, are you aware of the diversified web hosting services available in the market? Do you know how to initiate the process of choosing a web hosting service? Let us have a look.

ABCs’ of Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service is a platform that enables you to exhibit your services and products to the people across the globe. After you have gained an access to a domain name from a renowned server, it needs a proper parking space. The server space on the web can be availed with the help of a hosting service.

This space is needed to store the necessary contents of your website to cater to the incoming and outgoing demand of data. This includes downloading or uploading of files, database requests, and more. Basically, it stores the website contents in a server like the hard drive of a computer saves the files.  

When people check your website, the files and contents are visible to them. The strategic accumulation of the contents is termed as a website. This is made available on the internet with the help of the web hosting service providers. These service providers allow the clients to access your website 24X7 without any interruption. However, the performance and speed of the web page are dependent on the amount of storage space and bandwidth. This criterion is decided by the type of web hosting service selected by you.

Types of Web Hosting Services

The selection of the web hosting service must be done after considering the size, type, and requirement of the business. The following are the various types of web hosting services:

  • Shared Web Hosting– This hosting service enables various sites to be hosted on a particular server with a shared hardware and software. It doesn’t allow having complete control over the server, but it is an affordable option available. Although it can’t handle huge traffic, it is the best option for beginners.
  • Dedicated web hosting– This offers complete control over the server with enhanced benefits of all the attributes. You can control, scale, alter, and enhance the features of the system as per your requirement. It is the best-suited option for the huge businesses and e-commerce websites that receive a rush of traffic at a particular time. It is one of the costliest options in the market and is not recommended for the startup businesses.
  • Virtual Private Server Web Hosting– It is a service in which a server is segregated into various sections that act as a separate server. It is a type of shared hosting service but offers the advantages of a dedicated server. The file system of this service is unique which makes the system secure. The websites of this hosting service need to share RAM and CPU but don’t get affected due to the huge traffic of the peers.
  • Collocated Web Hosting- In order to ensure a server space, instead of buying an entire server, you buy specific attributes. It is not recommended for small-scale businesses.
  • Managed Web Hosting- Managed hosting is the finest option to accentuate your online presence and effectively operate the server. This hosting service is managed by a specific hosting company as per your preference. Hence, the technical issues of the hosting services will be managed by the service providers, giving you peace of mind.

Managed Web Hosting Services

Managed web hosting services are nearly similar to that of the dedicated web hosting services. The only difference between these two services is the service provider takes care of the operating system, system software, and hardware. Managed hosting service can be further segregated into three categories, self-managed, standard managed, and fully managed. What are they? Let us have a look at it:

  • Under the fully managed service, the management of the system is handed over to the service provider. This is suitable for startup businesses, which have novice manpower that is unaware of the technical specifications.
  • Under the option of standard management, similar services are offered but with minor modifications. The administration, monitoring, and updating are done by the service provider. However, these are subject to change with the package chosen.
  • Self-managed hosting service is the most basic type of service offered. It requires extreme expertise to manage the hosting services on your own with minimum support.

Advantages of the Managed Hosting Services

Now that you know the managed hosting services, let us have a look at the advantages offered:

  • Performance– You can enjoy the ultimate performance and speed as you will have root access with greater connectivity and network framework.
  • Inhouse IT Needs- The servers are managed with ease. Hence, the focus can be rendered on enhancing the business rather taking care of the technical issues.
  • Scalable– The system associated with this service can be chosen as per your requirement. It offers load balancing, storage solution, managed firewalls, effective troubleshooting, and intrusion detection.
  • Costeffective- The overall server management cost can be controlled with it along with the advantages of the dedicated servers.  
  • Reliability– If your business seeks 100% uptime; the managed web hosting service is the best option to select. It offers accessibility at top speed and ensures complete optimization of the resources.


Don’t restrict your resources from exploring as the internet is on the rise and the changes are inevitable. Managed hosting service helps your business establish a unique identity with enhanced performance and reduced investment. Opt for the finest managed web hosting services from to make the complete utilization of your investment and resources.


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