Gaming Laptop Essentials for Dedicated Enthusiasts

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by Jamil Santos, Correspondent | |

All gaming laptops need great gear to offer the best experience. The right equipment will get the best performance out of your machine too. Also, some items will be necessary for handling the laptop in everyday life. Read ahead to find out some of the absolutely necessary gaming laptop gear all players must have:

Gaming Keyboard

One of the first essentials all owners of a gaming laptop must have is a gaming keyboard. Laptop keyboards are not bad, but these don’t always offer the functionality gamers need. An external gaming keyboard will allow you to sit back and enjoy your game. Gaming keyboards are ergonomically designed to meet gamers’ demands. Some do not have annoying keys like the Windows key that automatically minimizes the game. You can buy a good gaming keyboard for less than $50.

Gaming Mouse

Don’t even think about relying on the touchpad for your gaming needs. You will have to buy a gaming mouse, which can double as a regular mouse when you are just working on your machine. Gaming mice have more than scrolling wheels and left and right click buttons. Most come with additional programmable buttons that let you do more in-game without a hassle. You can buy a gaming mouse separately or as a pair with a keyboard. If you buy a pair, you can match the designs.

Laptop Cooling Pad

The small size of laptops limit the ability the machine has to cool itself. The slimmer the laptop is, the more heating issues it will have. When you are running graphics-intensive game, the laptop will be consuming a lot of power that requires immediate cooling. Having a cooling pad will allow your laptop to cool faster. You will be putting an additional fan under the existing internal fan for your machine to cool. Plus, most laptop coolers also act as stands that allow for more comfortable viewing of the monitor.

External Storage

Laptops cannot match the massive amounts of storage desktops offer. If you have a good gaming laptop, it most likely has an SSD inside. SSDs are faster but lack in storage. If you have an HDD, it’s very likely to be 500GB as well. If you spent some money on the HDD, you will have 1TB of storage. You will be downloading an installing a lot of games, so it’s wise to have an external device for both storage and backup. You can find compatible external storage devices for your machine online. This guide covers gaming laptops for around $1,000, and you can find storage requirements on the list.  Also checkout HotRate for hot resources on HDDs for the ultimate gaming experience.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Gaming laptops offer great functionality, but speakers are not one of them. Most laptop speakers offer muffled sound, which is probably not the audio experience you seek as a gamer. So, invest in a good pair of headsets with a microphone. Buy a headset of the noise canceling variety to game in peace. Choose one with a good microphone as well to interact vocally in-game without technical issues. You can buy both wired and wireless headsets. Wireless headsets are convenient, but wired headsets offer the best audio quality.

Start saving money now to equip your gaming laptop with the above essentials.

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