What Material Can a Fiber Laser Engrave?

Fiber Laser Engrave

NEGOSENTRO.COMWhat Material Can a Fiber Laser Engrave? | Are you in search of a powerful machine that can be used in the creation of fast, clean, high-contrast permanent marks? Are you looking for a device that can engrave all types of metal parts?  Look no further. Fibre laser engraver, also known as fibre laser marking machine, is the best. 

Fibre laser engraving is efficient for engraving metals. The most common marked substrates are high-speed laser etching stainless steel, iron marking, aluminium, brass and copper, Titanium, silver and Gold, rubber etc. It is important to note that a fibre laser engraving machine is different from laser cutting machines. The superior beam and high speed marking laser leaves the engraved material in high strength and also intact.

Most of the commonly Laser Engraved Materials;


The laser machine can work on the following metals:

  • stainless steel
  • carbide
  • nickel
  • brass
  • silver
  • chrome
  • copper
  • tungsten
  • Aluminium
  • titanium
  • gold.

The fibre laser can engrave on stainless steel and titanium dark colours. Metals are the most commonly used laser engraving materials in the world, as well as laser cutting which is accessible in all types of scenarios. Some of the examples include engraving of chop and parts, alteration of aircraft wings for better aerodynamics, and creation of art pieces.

Categories of Laser engraving metals 

  • Promotional laser engraving 
  • Industrial laser engraving

Engraved metals are thermal resistant, workable, durable and aesthetically appealing. The fibre laser can etch, engrave coated metals and ablate. It is one of the best choices for fixing various metal materials with deepness.


Custom leather made items are always on demand, and more delicate way of customizing a leather item is by laser engraving it. Most of the leather items can be laser engraved, and this includes suede and nubuck.

Types of engraved leather types that are common;

  • Synthetic leather
  • Nubuck leather
  • Napped leather 
  • Neutral leather
  • Alcantra leather
  • Suede leather

The synthetic leather, which is human-made, can also be laser engraved. Now, one of the essential considerations to take when laser engraving is the colour. Black and dark colours should be evaded for engraving projects. Visibility of stamped patterns is more likely to be seen on lighter leathers.

Examples of leather items that can be engraved are;

  • Belts
  • Wallets
  • Crafts
  • Bracelets
  • Purses
  • Briefcases
  • Promotional materials
  • Office products

Laser engraving in leather is excellent for leather products because they are hard and tough to make using other tools.


Fibreglass, which are fibre-based materials, can be marked, albeit with some limitations. When we don’t cover materials for paintings, a blur impact happens, and the marking cannot be scanned. At this stage, we can get the desired engraving effect through fibre laser machine.


The laser engraving is an excellent candidate for both synthetic fabrics and neutral fabrics. The most common laser engraved materials are microfiber and cotton. Microfiber is made out of nylon and a mixture of polyamide and polyester. Microfiber is long-lasting; this is why they are commonly used to laser engraving. The cotton engraving that has a tight weave will result in a fantastic engraving.

Some of the other products that are also good for laser engraving include fleece, twill, felt and denim. These fabrics are strong enough to withstand the laser heat.

When engraving fabrics, it is always best to go with high speed and low power. These will help in getting the best effect. To find the perfect settings, test with a couple of swatches to get the right one. It will ensure that the fabric will not get burnt when you begin to laser engrave it. Any material that has loose knittings is not sturdy enough for the process.


It is common in many industries. Lighter marking intensity aluminium will turn white. Anodized aluminium looks good, but white marking is not suitable for cast and bare aluminium. Intense laser setting provides a charcoal colour. Marking technique for anodized aluminium that is most common is ablation. Cast and bare aluminium are annealed.

Bricks And Stones

These are perfect elements for engraving, and they can be used for engraving pieces for memorial sites, outdoor patios and other outdoor installations. Fiber Laser Engraving can also be applied on bricks commonly found in walkways, universities and parkways. They can also be placed in hospitals, parks, zoos, museums, memorials,  and religious buildings.

Laser engraving will give the mentioned sites a smart and professional look which is durable.

Silver And Gold 

Silver and Gold are very precious and soft. Moreover, silver quickly tarnishes and oxidizes whereas Gold is easy to mark. 


That’s all about the materials that we can fibre laser engrave. All laser technology systems are excellent choices. It all depends on the content that needs to be marked, marking speed, and quality needs. The fibre laser technology is the most ideal when engraving different types of products. Of course, a good laser engraving machine is also very important. The website: https://www.heatsign.com/products/fiber-laser-marking-machine/ is about laser engraving machines. If necessary, please click to view.

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