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Negosentro.com | What Anonymous Browser To Choose? 3 Proven Services | Our devices collect precise data uncovering private details about our behavior, lifestyle, and plans. The issue is that modern browsing tools, messengers, and online platforms have in-built mechanisms that amass and analyze the web patterns of individuals. The history of searches is a precious data source for advertisers. Businesses and big companies expand their global manipulation with target ads and tracking to understand your needs. When someone is web searching via well-known browsers, he unconsciously develops target ads and even cyber criminality. Remember, that such convenient features as auto-fill are improving the chance your passwords and other input details are at hacker’s disposal.

How to escape modern hyper-connectivity? Start with the best anonymous browser that doesn’t track your actions. Further, in this article, we uncover three tested tools created for high-level web security. Let’s start! 

The anonymous browser of this year

#1 Utopia

Idyll browser is a vital part of the Utopia environment. The P2P ecosystem suggests a robust toolkit, including also a messenger, wallet, email, and Minin tool. 

This web searcher aims to secure internal page viewing and website development. Remember, you can only view the pages hosted inside the Utopia ecosystem. Idyll guarantees robust domestic privacy and no data leakage. Forget about annoying ads, popup, cookie files – Idyll is ad-free and non-commercialized. Private information, IPs, history, and keys are never observed and collected. The encryption system that Idyll is based on is the most superior on the market – it utilizes the speedy Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES processor. The browser is completely decentralized. This means that the internal data and file sharing happens instantly and P2P between a sender and a receiver. What are the encrypted extras you use apart from the browser?

•   private messenger;

•   email service;

•   financial crypto tool;

•   Mining bot.

Even though Idyll is a novel product on the market, it has confirmed sound security and functionality. Remember, you can design your page in several minutes even you don’t have skills. Download Utopia to escape surveillance!  

#2 Epic Browser

This web searcher is ready to use the desktop on popular OS – macOS, Windows. When running Epic, you bypass online tracing, data collection,  adds popups, and targeting. This browsing tool never keeps the browsing history, enabling the private or incognito regime by default. 

Epic assures that your specific location is masked thanks to DNS prefetching that is prohibited. This characteristic is also beneficial because organizations can’t target their commercials on you as soon as they can’t reach your position. The valuable feature of Epic is switching off cookies mechanisms by design, so users don’t have to allow dubious Privacy policies. The web searching tool doesn’t store cache records, like IDs, bank and card specifications, emails, and phones. So, confidential information can’t drip and be hacked by criminals. 

Essentially Epic doesn’t decrease the speed of inhouse operations when providing extra protection. Examine this tool by yourself – undoubtedly helpful! 

# 3 Comodo Dragon Browser

This browser is available for the desktop on Apple devices and Windows PC. Similarly to the noted beyond tools, Comodo restricts cookie scenarios, improving secure and private web life. What is advantageous about this tool? 

Firstly, when the developers created this web searcher, they integrated it with the mechanism of distinguishing unsafe and reliable SSLs. The purpose of SSLs is to encrypt the information before it transmits within a server and a browser itself. Owing to the fact Comodo arranges SSLs, the sensitive digital traces you might indicate online are covered with extended reliability.

Have in mind that you are able to download the extra antivirus products and supplementary software for privacy when choosing Comodo. The issue is this organization claims itself a trusted producer of a wide range of safety-focused programs, and users get a discount whenever they have the whole package. Reliable antivirus, synchronically with the Comodo web browsing tool, will keep you informed if you follow a weak link to a fraudulent website. Make use of absolute confidentiality and defend from ads and hackers with Comodo! 

The final thought

Setting up one of these reputable browsers is the primary step for web security. Remember to commit browsing with a VPN tool, encrypted messaging, and secure email to uphold anonymity across all the ways. Stay conscious and protected! 

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