How can I get FIFA 20 coins

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NEGOSENTRO.COMHow can I get FIFA 20 coins | Playing FIFA 20 is more exciting and fun because the game manufacturers have added more features to the game to a more improved gaming experience. The features in FIFA 20 are more updated to reflect the latest trend in the world of football.  

Players’ recent transfers, new FIFA rules, New Jersey designs, latest players and club rankings and many more features have all been incorporated into the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team game.

What makes the experience even more exciting is the ability to unlock new features, buy new players and engage in different trading activities when you have the required number of FIFA coins needed to complete each transaction. With FIFA coins, game players can efficiently buy players in the open market to boost their squad.

But the question is, how can you get FIFA 20 coins? Buying FIFA coins may be frowned upon by EA, but most FUT lovers have gone ahead to look for third party companies or websites that sell FIFA 20 coins.

We shall highlight the various ways you can get FIFA 20 coins so that you can continue to enjoy the added features and more excitement of the FIFA ultimate team game.

You can get FIFA 20 points from the Origin store

Origin store is the approved and accredited place where you can buy FIFA 20 points. FIFA points can also be used in place of FIFA coins to carry out transactions on the FUT game without having to risk getting banned. These points can be purchased on any platform via the origin store website. The procedures for purchasing the points are similar for PC, PS4, Xbox or any other approved gaming platform. It includes the following:

Enter the origin store through your game platform and proceed to buy the coin

Select the value of the point you want to buy and choose a payment option. There are several payment options available to you. The payment option you can find is also dependent on your current location. 

It is, therefore, important that you provide the right location to enable you to have access to the payment method that is available for your location. Ensure that you have a sufficient amount in your account that can cover for the monetary value of the coin you want to purchase. If not, the transaction may fail to complete. 

Once you have completed your transaction, a download process is automatically initiated. At the end of the download, your FIFA account will be credited with the value of the points purchased.

Purchasing points for your FIFA 20 ultimate team game is similar to purchasing coins.  However, the process is much safer as you do not risk getting banned by the EA. You can also use the FIFA points to carry out trading on the FUT platform.

Other ways you can get FIFA 20 coins

As earlier mentioned, there are several ways you can buy FIFA 20 coins, and one such way is to buy FIFA coins from third party websites. Buying coins from the third party may put you at risk of facing a ban. When buying FIFA coins from online stores or websites,  you need to be careful to avoid being scammed. Your FIFA account may even be under threat from hackers. 

It is wise to purchase FIFA coins from trusted websites that are known to provide fast delivery services to their users. Sites like MmoGah, aeoah, Fifacoins, etc. have been at the forefront of providing satisfactory FIFA coin selling services to people. So if you are wondering how you can buy FIFA 20 coins, you may not have to look any further as these online FIFA coin market place may meet your demands.

Another critical feature of purchasing FIFA 20 coins from the above-listed websites is that they do provide a payback policy. With the payback policy, you are guaranteed a refund of your money when there is a delay in crediting your account with the coins you purchased. You may also get a refund if your account was credited with a lesser coin value than the amount purchased. 

The drawback or disadvantage of buying FIFA coins from third-party websites such as: is that you face the risk of getting banned because it is not in line with the EA policy. 


Buying FIFA points from Origin store or buying coins from other websites are two sure ways you can have enough virtual currency to carry out trading in the FIFA ultimate team gaming platform. The former is risk-free, but the latter may put your account at risk of being ban. 

If you do not want to use any of the two means, you can choose to earn FIFA 20 coins by completing different tasks or challenges. Each of these challenges may earn you enough coins to trade on the FUT platform.