Ever Thought Of Selling Lamps Online? Check Out These Starter Ecommerce Stores For Sale

If you are wondering what product to sell online, why not try selling lamps online ? There are many different starter stores for sale on the Shopify Exchangemarketplace. These are two of those businesses, selling lamps online.

Lamp Shops Online – Starter Websites for Sale

Lamps – night lamps, decorative lamps, wall lamps, and much more. They provide illuminations and they can also be decor accents. Selling lamps is a traditional business, since ancient times. It started with oil and wax fueled lamps and has evolved into the modern CFL and LED lamps. Selling lamps online is an attractive idea.

These two starter stores for sale are listed on Shopify Market Exchange, and they can be bought for under $500. Want to know more about each, to see if they might be a good fit as a new venture for yourself?

Home of Moon Lamps

Home of Moon Lamps

Home of Moon Lamps sells different types of lamps, and other products like art and decor, and household gadgets. The eye-catching vintage lamps, moon lamps, art and decor are sure to entice many visitors visitors into making a purchase, and the store gets good traffic.

Time to Spend: Around 15 hours per week

Home of Moon Lamps is a well-designed website with a good selection of products in various categories. It is more a home decor and lighting store than just a lamp shop. The current owner has worked on the site to ensure it gets good traffic, optimised the site for SEO using good keywords strategies. Social Media and Email marketing have been used to promote the website and the products.

The shop sells an interesting selection of products –  Abstract Decor, Classic Decor and Lamps, Paintings, Custom Lamps, Handmade Lamps, Moon Lamps, Wall Lamps, 3D Lamps, and Household Gadgets. The shop has been setup to allow customers to browse by different collections. The store has good potential for growth, if the buyer has enough time to devote to this business.

The buyer will get the shop, Domain, Logo and Branding Assets, Physical Inventory, Product Photos, Social Media Accounts, and Personal Support from the seller after sales. Facebook and Instagram profiles are in-place for the business, and the seller has also set up automatic email and messaging systems for continued engagement with customers. The social media pages have a following and there is a small base of existing customers for this shop. Even with the existing catalog of products, the business can continue to grow, provided the new owner focuses on good marketing and customer relationship strategies. More products can be added to the shop with time to expand the business into other related niches.

Adora Lights

Adora Lights
Adora Lights

Adora Lights was started as a result of a parent’s search for a good night lamp for their son’s room. While searching, the seller realised that the sale of lamps spiked during fall and the market continued through early winter before sales slowed down again. Just as a fun trial, the seller set up this website, found and listed some attractive drop shipping products for sale.

Time to Spend: Approx. 1 hour per week

The store sells lovely night lamps for kids. From lamps shaped like vegetables and ice cream cones to lamps that look like toy cats and penguins, from lighted up globes to lamps that put on an aurora borealis show on the walls, the store has interesting products on its catalog. Parents and kids will adore the Adora Lights.

With a simple interface and a small set of products, it becomes easy to take over the store. The products have been sourced and imported into the catalog using Oberlo. The current owner of the store just started this venture as an experiment and does not have the time to devote to this business to make it a successful and profit-making venture, so the site is up for sale.

The buyer gets a small list of products, which makes the transition easier, but it will be very easy to scale the product offerings using Oberlo. The business already has social media presence in the form of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. The seller invested in Facebook ads and got results, and thinks anyone with more time and more knowledge about online marketing can really make this a very successful business, with sales spiking during the fall season each year.

The sale includes the Shopify Store, Domain, Logo and Branding Assets, and Social Media Accounts, The new owner can add more products using Oberlo, but the seller suggests that the shop should move from a dropshipping model to an inventory model to get more profits. More investment in Facebook ads can get good results, as it did for the current owner, with just a small investment.

These two lamp shops are fine examples of the many business for sale on the Shopify ExchangeMarketplace. You can find more businesses for sale in various categories and various price tags on the Shopify Exchange. Start by taking a look at these two starter stores for sale  on ExchangeMarketplace, they can be good starting points for a full-fledged business selling lamps and decor online. Buying and selling through Shopify’s ExchangeMarketplace is a breeze as Shopify provides escrow services and supports the buyer and seller throughout the sales and the migration process.

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