Ace the Corporate Race with the Perfect Gift

corporate gifts

Offering a business gift to a client or collaborator is an opportunity to thank them and celebrate a special event for the company. There are a multitude of gifts to offer. It is therefore necessary to carefully select the present that will satisfy the recipient and that will communicate on the company but also to highlight it.

Why should we offer corporate gifts?

For excellent marketing communication, a small gesture of sharing such as offering a business gift is a real advertising action. Indeed, this kind of advertising object makes it possible to highlight the image of the company but also represents an advertising campaign for it. Receiving a gift from the company greatly affects the customers for a specific occasion among others new year, signing the new contract, anniversary of the company, or just for the pleasure of offering. Through gifts, customers and partners of the company find a great satisfaction towards the companies.

Offering corporate gifts from a corporate gifts wholesaler therefore allows the company to thank its customers and partners for their loyalty and commitment. In addition, offering a gift also marks the link between the one who offers and the one who receives. And it’s an even stronger bond than personalized gifts. Different small items in the market can help companies in search of gifts including key chains, chocolates, embossed luggage tags, USB key, T-shirt, pen, kit, notebook, watch, etc.

How to choose corporate gifts?

The corporate gifts we choose should be based on the image we want to associate the company with. The company that puts on its modern mind for example distributes computer accessories, while the one that plays primarily on its traditional side chose briefcase advertising. In choosing corporate gifts, you have to know how to deal with the principles of the recipient. Gifts must also be related to the image of the company. The best is to offer a gift related to time, for example for the New Year, a personalized greeting card will be appropriate. Gifts must also be a practical object in everyday life. In addition, in order to choose the perfect business gift, it is important to know the different customer profiles.

Thinking Outside the Box

When you think of corporate gifts the first things that usually come to mind are the classic pens or agendas personalized by a brand or logo: but are you sure that these are the best gadgets to present the business at customer and make sure he remembers? On the other hand, in the age of digital technology, offering articles like the ones mentioned might seem almost anachronistic. So, what to choose? Betting on the features of the enterprise gadget is certainly a good criterion for making a choice. One must therefore ask what could always be of use to a client (or potential client), regardless of individual characteristics.

The Personal Touch

Well, everyone has a smartphone and uses it daily and continuously to perform activities that range from those purely related to interpersonal communication, the most varied. Of course the advice is not that of offering a smartphone as a business gadget, but a solution to the problem of the battery discharged at the least opportune moments: a power bank, that is to say a recharge of energy to keep always at hand. The company offers the possibility to choose from many shapes and sizes of power bank, to customize using screen printing, four-color, laser engraving and embossed according to the material of the shell. In addition, it is possible to design power banks in 3D to achieve with the desired shape, such as a miniature of the product sold or the logo.