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by Kyla Camille | Negosentro.com |

Super crazy fun ideas abound during summer, right?

You’ve got endless beer parties that go well into the wee hours of each day, boat rides with the whole gang, and chill-type garden hangouts. Lots of things may be going on but these cool inflatables I found on the site Inflatable.com is so unique that I thought only kids could enjoy them. Now, even adults can have fun with inflatables!

I checked out the the products that were featured and saw this water blob for sale on the site. This one was huge that a number of adults can comfortably bounce about it. What a fabulous idea as a centerpiece in parties — and even for recreational events and parks.

Water blob for sale
Water blob for sale


Another cool product I saw on the site was this bouncer inflatable house and a funny inflatable yacht slide that included free shipping upon ordering it online. The price of this fantastically-designed slide is only US$3,999.00 when bought online. Don’t forget the free shipping!

Free shipping on this funny inflatable yacht slide
Free shipping on this funny inflatable yacht slide

A lot more inflatable products can be bought online from the Inflatable Zone site. In fact, they claim to be “the earliest and leading manufacturer of inflatable products” which includes the ever popular bubble soccer, zorb ball, inflatable slide, inflatable bouncer, and other water game equipment.

Worried about safety? No worries. All Inflatable Zone products have been carefully tested before they left the factory. They, too, have passed international safety standards so there is no risk to even a child’s safety.

They say that it is easier to find more inventory online than in the store as they simply ship the items to you. It is even more convenient to purchase their product on a wholesale basis from the site. They also have an option for renting some of their products and yes, they come cheap.

All orders can be paid for using internationally accepted credit cards or through Paypal. It’s your choice!

It’s game time!


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