Creative Party Catering Ideas to Make Your Party Livelier


Rose Kensington, Negosentro |  We all have been to dozens of parties and hosted several ourselves too. Did you notice something in most of those parties? I will tell you what. All those parties were the same – the usual food and drinks. Parties are meant to be an aberration in our usual lives. If all these parties become the same, where is the fun in that? The world of parting is just another monotonous routine if there are no variations. So, to add a splash of fun into parties, the most importing to change is the party catering. Food is always the best mode of entertainment – all the foodies here will excitedly agree.

Now the question is how to get the party going with amazing party catering ideas. So, to ease out your work, here I give you some easy party catering ideas. Once you get some ideas, you can start brainstorming and thus can host the best party and leave your guests impressed. Party catering is something you can go berserk with ideas. Here are some of those:

  • Doughnut bars: Too bored with the usual cakes and cupcakes, you can replace those with doughnuts with varying toppings. You can experiment with toppings and colors to make them match your party theme. You can serve doughnuts dipped in chocolate or strawberry sauce in flashy glassware to make the party more fun just by a slight change in the party catering.
  • Chef stations: This is a new innovation in party catering and is highly on the rise as it keeps the guests on the move and engaged. This way the party seems livelier. So, instead of having passed on dishes, it is always preferable to have something that is freshly cooked in front of everyone. Guests will have a lot more fun in watching their meal being prepared than in eating it and thereby making the place livelier.
  • A childhood reminder dish: Remember that childhood favorite dish that every child craved for? As adults, all of you must have nearly forgotten the taste of it due to the hectic lives. The party is where you can surprise your guests by making the favorite childhood dish come back. It is a guaranteed hit. Nobody will ever expect a shot of milk with small cookies instead of vodka and shots. Party catering will be a big success with such small surprises.
  • DIY dessert station:  Desserts are everyone’s favorite and each person has one’s own personal style and choice when it comes to dessert. Someone loves chocolate dipped marshmallows, ice cream with chocolate sauce, plain vanilla or any other combination. So, why decide the dessert for your guests beforehand? Let them take their pick. Ask the party caterers to arrange a DIY dessert station with an ice cream with varying toppings.
  • Food on wheels: While people are busy enjoying the party, everyone would love small finger foods brought to them. So, you can get a food cart going around the venue enabling guests to pick up small biting in-between. You can also have small cheese dipping on the wheeled cart or make the cake go on rounds so that the guests can have their full. There are many other finger foods that you can choose from. The best ideas are crispy meat pieces with delicious dips. If you really want you party catering to stand out, you can consider getting some finger food ideas from foreign cuisines too.

With all these party catering ideas, you can surely create a change in the mood of the party. Variations in the usual catering style can vastly transform a boring party into a lively one.

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