Club Mahindra Membership Reviews – Why Are Membership Plans the Smart Option

Club Mahindra Membership Club Mahindra Membership Reviews – Why Are Membership Plans the Smart Option | Club Mahindra’s membership plans are suited for today’s time-crunched value-conscious traveler. Travel has increased multifold over the past decades. People are beginning to view travel and vacation as a necessary activity. This fact is espoused by the All India Resort Development Association as well as the year on year growth of the travel industry is between 15% and 18%. With a company such as Club Mahindra offering vacations at only a fraction of a price, the traveling instinct has caught up with thousands of people.

Let’s take an example to understand the value that Club Mahindra Plans provide. A family of four head out for a seven-day vacation every year. If a hotel room costs Rs.6000/-, per night, then the week-long expenses come up to Rs. 42,000. If that hotel room was used for the next 25 years, the cost comes up to Rs. 10,050,000. Taking into inflation of more than 6 percent per year, the total accommodation cost will easily be over Rs. 20,00,000. That’s a lot of money going for accommodation only!

Let’s compare this with a Club Mahindra membership fee of Rs. 6,00,000. This amount includes a full week’s stay at any resort over a period of 25 years. If an Annual Subscription Fee was added to the costs along with the cost associated with inflation, this would still not cost much—that is hardly Rs. 12,50,000 spent on 25 years of vacationing! And the money saved too! To put an estimate to the saving – it’s a whopping 34% saved on travel costs for 25 years.

So why is this even better?

Simply because membership plans don’t just cover India. Club Mahindra membership plans cover exotic international locations. Talk about 100 plus resorts across the world. That’s a lot of options to choose from without going bankrupt, taking travel loans, and paying up huge EMIs towards them. Another added advantage is that bookings are made well in advance. This results in discounted accommodation charges, pre-booking discounts, airfare discounts, and more such benefits.

The smarter way to travel – don’t break the bank!

Club Mahindra makes it possible for anyone dreaming of traveling to fulfill their life’s aspirations. Gone are the days of relying on tour operators to help get accommodation. In the Club Mahindra way, accommodation expenses are already taken care of. Only the best resorts and fully endorsed by Club Mahindra reviews are in Club Mahindra’s network. Congenial Club Mahindra resort reviews notwithstanding, with such discounted accommodation expenses, these pre-booked vacations will also cost less courtesy the pre-booked airfares. 

What are the salient features of Club Mahindra membership plans?

Travel along with family. Not just the immediate family, but the extended family as well. Club Mahindra membership plans exist to cover all family members. Read Club Mahindra membership reviews on resorts and plan for an exhilarating trip. 

RCI membership is a complimentary service offered along with Club Mahindra membership. Apart from the 50 resorts associated with Club Mahindra, members can choose from more than 4300 resorts affiliated to RCI. Spread across the globe, these resorts beckon Club Mahindra members with cost-effective conveniences that make for a great holiday.

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