How is choosing an electronic drum beneficial for all drummers?


Harry Quebec, Negosentro |  Shopping for musical instruments without guidance is always a challenge. It just becomes a lot more difficult with drum modules, triggers, pads and cymbals for electronic drum sets. The problem with modern electronic drums is not the lack of choices. It is instead the limitless choices and combinations that overwhelm new musicians. The can help you choose the right drum set based on your needs, expertise and musical interests.

Let us start with why you should want to go electronic –

The versatility: The unending combination of pads, triggers, and cymbals allow you to edit performance and get the sound you want. Editing becomes much more comfortable with an electronic drum set in your band. In fact, while recording, you can directly plug your electronic drum set into the mixing board. Forget to adjust microphones and amps for hours, when you can instantly plug it in to get the right sound. You can have your much-needed practice instead of going in an hour earlier than your bandmates to work with the sound engineer.

Portability: The old school drum kits are usually quite imposing. It is impossible to handle a drum kit alone during transport unless of course, you have a new electronic drum kit. They are so much easier to transport and store. All you need are good and sturdy cases with soft inner lining to carry them. It takes up less room and you can possible transport them in a regular sedan or hatchback!

A wide range of new sounds: You can experience an endless array of possibilities when it comes to sound. Electronic drum kits are perfect for any genre. Whether you want to “Rock” it or “Swing” it, you can find a sound that resonates with your band’s sound. Forget the clutter of mics and amps; you can now just control the volume, feedback, and tune wherever you choose to play. From pubs to concerts, your drum kit will adjust to your needs without any qualms.

Great for learners: No matter which stage of learning you are in, the electronic drum sets can accelerate your learning process manifold. These come with preset patterns. These can help you to learn all kinds of music. You can always practice with these preset beats to hone the timing and coordination into your muscle memory. The electronic modules come with specific metronome function that helps in the development of the sense of music timing.

Connect and play: The drum kits come with a USB or/and Aux input. You can thus connect your phone, MP4 player, iPod or any other music player to your drum kit sound module. This will play the music and guide you with the beats so that you can drum along with your favorite songs. They are compatible with external music applications and software programs.

The features you get and the ease of learning will depend on the model of the electronic drums. Aside from budget, that depends on the model and the make. Always refer to honest reviews and ratings before investing in something as crucial as an electronic drum kit.