The Best Places to Take Your Off-Roader for a Real 4×4 Experience


Jen Nagoya, Negosentro | Now, unless you live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, you probably don’t have that many opportunities to take your 4×4 off-roading. It’s a shame, because it’s lots of fun – and it’s what your car was designed for. You can test both your driving skills and what your car can do – and you might end up igniting a passion for a life-long hobby! There are plenty of places you can take your car to give it a spin around off-road tracks, you just need to know where to go. So, if you fancy testing out your car’s abilities, why not try one of the following activities?

Owners’ meet-ups

Many car owners will meet up and drive in convoy to festivals or events; compare customized kit; or work on issues and faults that require additional knowledge. Some cars, like Jeeps for example, have a bit of a cult status, and their meet-ups are often based around going off-roading and testing out each other’s driving skills. People at these clubs and events will know the best routes to take, so if you’re a beginner at off-roading, you won’t be thrown in at the deep end.

Organized fun days

Many clubs, both owner clubs and specific off-roading clubs, will organize fun days for people to turn up and try their hands at off-roading. You’ll be able to use land not usually open to the public, and be given advice and lessons in how to navigate rough terrain, and how drive your car to the best of its abilities. If you’ve got a car like the super off-roader Toyota Hilux, you’ll have loads of fun, putting it to the test and seeing what you can do. Plus, it’ll give you the confidence to take it to other events and try off-roading in your own time.

Go camping

While it’s not the most extreme way to take your car off road, going camping means you can use your vehicle in ways it was designed for. For making beds in the back tray, to carrying all your equipment, you’ll be able to navigate tough terrain to find the most perfect camp spot. You’ll even be able to cross rivers if you’ve experienced going through water before – although you need to know how deep it is before venturing in!

Volunteer at local events

From horseback riding to cross country running, events take place all over the country that need people with 4x4s. Why? Because these events are run in fields, and often span huge distances. They need people who can either run scores, carry first aiders, or steward routes – and they need to be in off-road vehicles. So, find out what sort of events go on near you, and say that you’re happy to donate your time as a driver to help them out. Not only will you be able helping a community club or sport out, but you’ll be able to use your vehicle properly – like being able to carry lots of equipment in the back of a ute tray, for example.