Bali – the land of Gods

Bali – the land of Gods | Bali – the land of Gods | Bali- the Land of Gods, exudes calmness and tranquility. This iconic Indonesian island is bejeweled with dense, lush volcanic mountains, beaches, coral reef and famous terraced paddy fields. This land is the paradise for suffers. It mesmerizes visitors with colorful, vivid festivals, and spectacular Kecak dance. This captivating traditional performance depicts tales from the epic Ramayana. If you do not watch this musical drama, you will undoubtedly miss a lucid, graceful, poised master craft. In every corner of this island, you will find intricately carved temples. The pulsating nightlife, luxurious beaches makes the vacation a memorable, wonderful one.

How to reach and where to stay

Many international flights directly land in Bali, and some use Jakarta as a liaison. The more economical way is to take a flight from Jakarta to Bali. The most common and availed public transport is a metered cab. In the suburbs, you will find horse carts (dokars), motorbike (ojeks), and vans (bemos). 

Most hotels in bali offer free pick up and down from the airport. You will get a warm welcome, from the courteous, trained staff. Most hotels feature a gym, swimming pool with swim-up bar, lush garden and excellent landscaping. The rooms are airy, well furnished and connected with Wi-Fi, so you upload photos of the memorable vacation on social media. Housekeeping is done regularly, and toiletries are replaced. Most include complimentary breakfast on the tariff. The restaurants offer delicate, delectable local and international cuisine. The staff gives their heart out for your satisfaction and always takes an extra step to make your trip comfortable and unforgettable.

Hidden treasure

Nusa Penida is the most striking, exquisite island of the three Nusa Islands, and most less travelled. This island is situated a little off from the shores of Bali. This is an ideal place for tourists who are passionate about scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling, although so many facilities it remains unexplored. The pristine, spotless white sand beaches are a silent paradise to explore the full glory of nature and your inner peace. 

Nusa Penida are more massive than two sister islands; Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Cenigan. With improved amenities and infrastructure, these islands have started attracting tourists from all over the world. The cliffs forms like Hindu temples making the place more mystic and picturesque. The bird sanctuary in this island preserves the endangered Bali Startling. From the famous Crystal Bay sand beach, you can watch the vast silhouette of sunset panorama. Boats connect this pristine island with Bali.

Scuba diving gives you lifetime chance to explore the unexplored majesty of undersea. Bali with great beaches showers you with spectacular, breathtaking panorama, view the ocean creatures closely. The time will fly; you will get the full worth of the money spend on this cherished vacation. On the shallow, crystal clear coral reef, the current is a perfectly calm place for a peaceful low dive. It is an idyllic place for snorkeling; many reefs are located just 10 kilometersfrom the shore. You can watch playful dolphins, octopus, sunfish and even sea turtles. It is a beautiful place for marine photography, which will be a cherished treasure for lifelong. 

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