5 Pieces of Underrated Furniture That Will Change Office Life


Joanna Marie, Negosentro |  High staff morale is important in the workplace and there are many aspects that can affect this, such as décor, benefits and colleagues. Part of successfully managing a team begins with ensuring all of our employees feel comfortable and inspired at work, which is why we’ve listed some highly underrated and inexpensive pieces of furniture that will make office life slightly easier:


  • Foot stool


Most UK office workers spend an average of 40+ hours every week in a chair, therefore, discomfort occurs easily and there’s a limit on the number of positions you can sit in to alleviate this. A foot stool can help by elongating your leg muscles, stretching your lower back and removing some of the pressure on your ankles. Your lower back and legs experience the most discomfort when sitting down for long periods of time, adding a footstool under your desk will provide you with more options to help with aches and to improve posture. Comfort at work will affect employees work ethic, meaning any unpleasantness could distract staff from the job at hand or in the worst-case scenario for you both, could result in time off work.


  • Shelves


Shelving produces more places to store items without taking up valuable space which makes this ideal for offices that are short on space. However, in many offices, it’s overlooked and cabinets or cupboards are used instead, which can take up a multitude of space that could be used more efficiently. Depending on the shelf size that you choose, you can store everything that you would store in drawers such as; paperwork in file systems, stationary pots, books or any miscellaneous objects found in the office. By choosing shelves over other storage systems, you can use the extra space to create more room, so the workplace is less cramped for current employees or to add more workstations when your number of employees grow.


  • Wrist support


Unbeknownst to many, tilting your wrist at a slight angle for 8-9 hours a day when using your keyboard and mouse can increase chances of arthritis and long-term aches. By investing a small amount into raised support for both your keyboard and mouse, you’ll provide more comfort for your wrists. Nowadays, as risk assessments become a priority in the workplace, many keyboards are manufactured with built-in wrist support as more people are made aware about the effects that office life can have on your health. By taking this into consideration, you display that you value your employees and care about their comfort at work to perform and feel their best.


  • Desk screens


One of the handiest pieces of furniture to have in your possession at work, especially if you work in an open plan office. You’re able to set these up when in need of some privacy for phone calls, to complete finance or HR work, and to carry out training for staff. These also come in handy for staff that work better without any distractions, by providing a wall to partially block out conversations and interruptions. By offering this option, you’re able to provide working conditions that work better for each employee.


  • Trays


Nearly every office will have a tea and coffee round, the more your team grows often results in the more hot drinks that will be made each round. A drinks tray is rarely seen as a necessity in any office but helps significantly when you have a lot of hot drinks to hand out.  It may even help to cut down the time spent on the drinks round, as employees should be able to hand out all drinks for their team in one go rather than flitting back and forth.

Most of the items above won’t be found in the workplace, but offices that start to incorporate these pieces of office furniture into their organisation are bound to notice small changes in their employee’s performance and quality of work.

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