Top Features to Look Out for Country Style Home Designs

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Ashley Kinsela, Negosentro | Top Features to Look Out for Country Style Home Designs The thought of living in a contemporary home can seem alluring, especially after leading busy lives in the city.  In the city, you are nestled up in the concrete jungle and may feel lost among the crowds of people and cannot connect with all that nature has to offer.  Therefore, having a contemporary house is recommended to help you connect with nature, rejuvenate your senses and make you feel refreshed after a busy day at work. However, if you can’t affored another house or doesn’t want to sell the one you live in and buy a contemporary one, there are still some things you can do, says the team. The contemporary style home designs have certain features, which can turn any house into a modern contemporary one. Therefore, you can try and incorporate specific details into your modern home to get the feel of a country-style abode.    

Here is a list of top features that all country style homes normally have.

#1. Muted colors

The first feature of country style home designs is that all of them sport muted colors. The country style home designs usually sport a neutral palate with some subtle colors that are spread out. The neutral palate with little greens, some sunny colors, a little bit of warm pink, can help give you a feel of nature. This keeps us connected with the bucolic atmosphere as well. Also, you can choose to have a background with shades such as white and cream and bedeck the space with suitable accessories for giving the country-style effect to your home.

#2. Kitchen

You must, also, pay attention to the kitchen area and decorate the space appropriately to make you feel that your house is now part of the country style era. Some attributes of a country-style kitchen include having a gooseneck faucet, exposed utensils, and a wooded countertop with unfinished wood touches. These aspects can surely enhance the overall look of your cooking spaces and make you enjoy your cooking sessions to a greater degree. Pendant lighting is also an important feature of the kitchen in the country style home designs. Also, since the advent of modern technology, you may not want to redecorate your home as per the vintage era as it would mean more cleaning and maintaining to maintain the cleanliness of the cooking rooms. Therefore, you need to incorporate the features of the country style kitchens in such a manner to make your kitchen more functional and which can help in easing your workload as well.   However, if you wish to impart a vintage touch to your kitchen too, then accessorizing with vintage items and using vintage colors can help to get the desired effect.

#3. Prints and textures

According to Australia’s property investment expert, having floral prints throughout your house along with some simple textured material will also bring out the effect of country-style home designs. Also, you do not need to put in much effort for getting the desired results. In giving your house a country-like feel, you simply need to input floral prints along with some textured paints, and voila, you can get the country-style feel.

#4. Timber flooring and cabinets

The country-style home designs sport a lot of wood flooring and woodwork because the wood was in abundance at that time. Hence, if you wish to give your house a similar feel, you can always add timber wood flooring and team it up with some timber cabinets along with some wooden countertops. This is a great way to bring out the country-style home design in your modern home.

In the above-mentioned details, you can learn about the various ways of how you can incorporate the country-style in your modern home. Therefore, be sure to keep in mind the features of country style home designs for beautifying your personal spaces and being a proud owner of a fine-looking home.

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