5 Tips to Gain a Massive Following on Instagram

Instagram Views Massive Following on Instagram

Negosentro.com | The key aspect of an effective Instagram account is the number of its followers. If you are running an account and you want to build your brand, working to build your Instagram following is beneficial since companies can sub-contract you to promote their brands. There are many ways you can make money on Instagram. If you are running an individual account in which you are that account’s brand, having a large number of followers is beneficial since companies can sub-contract you to promote their brands.

This type of product promotion is known in this field as influencer marketing. With more than one billion Instagram account worldwide, you may think that is easy to get authentic followers.

While it is not as difficult to get followers, it is good to keep in mind that every one of these one billion accounts is also looking for the same. You need to have your account stand apart from the rest to win as many followers as possible. There are various ways you can use to get a massive following one of which is using the most popular hashtags among others. Here are five other tips you can use to get a large following.

Post on a Regular Basis

You really have to do it. Instagram is an image-centric platform. Instagram users log in most of the times just to look at photos, videos, and stories. In essence, most go online just to pass time and get entertained. This entertainment arises from these images. That is why you need to post some content on a regular basis to keep your audience entertained as it is an excellent way of growing your account.

If you fail to post, people will lose interest with your account and will prevent your account from growing and even lead to some extent some of your existing followers to unfollow you. You can post at least once per day, or identify when your target audience is really active to post at that particular time.

Post Quality Content

Just as we have mentioned, Instagram is an entertainment platform. As much as you are going to post on a regular basis, ensure that you post quality and interesting images. You can include some captions with these images to tell the story behind the images. Make sure you take clear pictures and make use of filters and other editing tools to ensure that you only post the best. If it is videos, you have to ensure that they are meaningful, have excellent sound quality and serve a particular purpose. You really need to catch the attention of other users among a sea of other users. You can download video content on Instagram through https://instadownloaderpro.com.

Comment and Answer Questions

Instagram users like it when you notice their presence on your posts. Commenting and responding to questions directed to you by your followers is a good way of growing your followers. The more you engage with your followers, the higher your account ranks on user feed. This allows other users who are not your followers to see your account in their feed and can follow you. Your existing followers can also draw other users to your discussions compelling them to follow you.

Host a Contest

Who does not love gifts, and especially of those gifts only require a little effort to win? Well, most of us do. With this knowledge in mind, then you can also hold contests and campaigns. You can put up some prizes to be won if users meet some set requirements.

Such contests and campaigns attract users who are even not your followers. If it is very interesting, be sure that you are going to get a substantial number of followers participating in the contests. You can have a schedule of holding such activities so that users can aspire or look forward to such hence clicking on your account regularly.

Cross Promotion

This is another excellent way of growing your account. Before Instagram, there was Facebook and Twitter. If you are active on social media, you probably have these accounts. Use them to your advantage to draw your friends on Facebook and followers from Twitter to follow you on Instagram. You can use hashtags to draw their attention. You can also connect your Instagram account with these accounts to allow your fans to see your Instagram posts. It would be easier to convince someone to go to Instagram after they have seen your pics. You can also grow a massive following by outsourcing your engagement to Bumped.

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