How to use Instagram to directly engage with your customers

Instagram | Instagram is popular worldwide with its most effective marketing strategy. There are around 8 million people who use Instagram every day with its exceptional and interesting features. With the correct usage of Instagram tactic and making the best use of its stories and videos a brand or business can create a huge difference in their revenue and sales. So in this article let us understand the quick Instagram strategy to be followed by business in order to directly engage with your customers:

Organize Instagram contests

Everybody loves offers and discounts. There is no person in the world who does not like rewards and coupons for their achievements. In a similar way, you can create promotions on Instagram to make a good fan following and gain many new Instagram followers. Instagram giveaways are one such medium which brand promises to give its first customers. When people will participate in your contest and promotions it will help you to overall increase your business presence online. You can also get real Instagram likes and impressions at Famoid by visiting their website and choose your suitable package.

Here is the guide to create an Instagram contest successfully:

Decide on the reward of your contest: In order to increase the presence of your contests, you should have decided the prize first. Make sure you keep a very good incentive for the contest so that people would feel like participating in your programmes.

Choose the entry criteria for your contests: In the entry criteria you can put up anything you wish to like you can ask your followers to follow your page and then share it on their own Instagram. The people who will get more than 2 follows on the page through their friends will get a chance to participate in the event. Starting with a low number of follows will do the work. If you will ask for more number of follows then it can make them disinterested.

Decide the time span for your Instagram giveaway: Another most important decision you have to do is to select the time span to be given to your followers to participate in your contest. For example, you can give them a week or 10 days.

Make up an attractive Instagram giveaway post: The following main factors are necessary to consider while creating a one Instagram giveaway post

  • Use the best ‘color combination’ to be used in your post.
  • The effective use of ‘text’ to be included in your post.

Expand your Instagram reach

When you are done with creating a business Instagram profile, the next step is to work towards increasing your followers and keep them engaged. Resources like New Marketing Labs can help you grow your Instagram on auto-pilot. In some other ways, you can also expand your Instagram reach are given below:

Use popular hashtags- Instagram feeds quickly changes and similar goes with your content. So, in this case, hashtags are the only medium left to provoke people to look at your posts and images. Use specific hashtags but don’t put excessive hashtags on your post as it will not create a good impression. The right amount and right search of hashtags are necessary to promote your brand wisely and make it directly engage with your customers.

Use quality images and videos- Images and videos should be very appealing to reach it to the right customers and keep them interested in your brand. You can make use of paid or free tools to make changes in your images. Videos are another way to demonstrate the usage and description of your products stating its features and pros.

Schedule your posts: Most of the top brands usually get the highest number of likes on their Instagram posts in just a few minutes. This is possible only by analyzing when your users remain more active on Instagram. This is the most suitable method to evaluate what type of post your users want to see and what is the time when your users like your posts. So schedule your posts according to them and make your users directly engage with your Instagram.

Build customer relationships

Making up customer relationships and communities is vital for the marketing of your business on Instagram. It creates a huge space for your people to share their thoughts and ideas with others. Some of the best ways to build customer relationships are:

Find out what your customers like the most in your products or services: Consider the values that relate with your brand culture and incorporate those details in your day to day posts. Also, put necessary hashtags and follow trending post to connect more with your users.

Engage with your followers: Engagement is the key to a successful business. By taking interest in your followers’ profile and taking out what they like and dislikes can build more customer loyalty. Through continuous engagement, you can not only put your followers into action but also those who are not following you might follow you.

Customer service: Along with sharing your posts it is also important to listen to their feedback which could be either positive or negative. They can ask you for their queries or doubts regarding the products and in return, you can provide them more satisfaction by resolving their problems.

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