5 Reasons Why Soy Candles Look Amazing

Soy Candles

For a long time, candles have been used to enhance the ambiance of any given space. If properly set up they always give amazing results and when fixed appropriately, a candle-lit set up leaves a lasting impression. Since the 1800s, paraffin candles have used widely, in spite of the many disadvantages they come with. However, the emergence of vegetable-based oils such as soy candles has given an alternative to paraffin-based candles, effectively introducing cleaner, healthier candles.

Soy candles have been around for about two decades now. While University students at Purdue University were developing a birthday candle, the idea of a renewable resource was born. What followed were efforts to solidify soybean oil. Their hard work won them first place in a competition organized by the Indiana Soybean Development Council and Purdue’s Department of Agronomy. This was just a beginning of a journey that has now grown into a profitable industry and one that contributes to the welfare of humanity.. Indeed there are several reasons why soy candles are amazing and rapidly gaining popularity.

Its all very natural.

Soy candles are made from soybean wax, which is extracted from soybeans, also known as soyabeans. These are naturally growing vegetables cultivated in several regions around the world. The beans are crushed and the oil extracted is then hydrogenated and easily solidifies at room temperature. The United States produces most of the soy in the world. It is becoming more popular with soy farmers being encouraged to form partnerships with candle making companies and sellers such as Lantern Cove candles.

Soy Wax Burns Longer

Naturally, soy candles burn more slowly and also have cooler burning temperatures, meaning that the wax melts at a much slower rate than experienced with paraffin candles. On average, soy candles last 30% to 50% longer than paraffin oil. You have a chance to enjoy the fragrance for longer and eventually, you save more. Regardless of the purpose for which you are using your candles, the longer they burn the better it is for you, even economically.

Soy Candles are eco-friendly

By all standards, this is probably what makes soy candles extraordinary. The world over, environmental concerns have taken center stage with governments, organizations, and individuals making a lot of effort to conserve the environment. Soy candles have this as their ultimate reward to users. To start with, soy candles are made from the renewable resource. In fact, they can be replaced at a faster rate than they are consumed. This also means that you lessen the damage done to the environment. They also produce very little soot in comparison to paraffin candles, making them healthier and cleaner. Soy candles are also biodegradable, leaving no harmful substances behind. Their environmental friendliness is one of the highest score points that has made them very popular in recent years.

Scents that last longer

When using soy candles, you aren’t afraid of strong chemical scents that burn with paraffin candles. The natural plant scents can be easily blended with other aromas to create a friendly fragrance that remains around for long because the candles also burn much slower. The smells emerging from soy candles cannot be overpoweringly strong. The ability of soy wax to infuse easily with essential oils allows you to experiment with a wide range of pleasant aromas.

Besides using candles for light, they are effective in changing the mood and look of your target environment. Your aim is to create memories from their use. Amazing scents affect your emotions. Desirable aromas can uplift your appetite and emotions, thus boosting your well-being. Soy candles give this value in one amazing package.

Your Health Is taken isn’t at risk

You may not find the effects of using just a couple of candles privately devastating. It is, nonetheless, very different when you think of the millions of candles being used all over the world at different times. It is common knowledge that petroleum products pose great risks to human health and human survival in general. Soy candles are a completely different breed, for they pose no health risks to users. Whereas paraffin candles produce carcinogens and other toxins harmful to human health.soy candles burn clean.

Considering the many risks that pose a danger to our health, you would do everything to avoid more health risk through your candle-lit space. Soy candles are an awesome response to this challenge.

Bear this in mind…

There are lots of reasons why soy candles are being preferred and becoming more popular in comparison to candles made from alternative sources. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, it’s apparent that the production of soy candles will be made even easier to make their daily use commonplace. Evidently, they come with a lot of advantages to both individuals and the society at large. Economically, there are more beneficiaries too.

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