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Installing a furnace can be a tricky process. One you would need specialized and expert advice for. If you happen to have a gas furnace, the process might involve a little bit more than just connecting the furnace to your HVAC system. Here’s a detailed and easy to read guide on how to install a furnace. We’ve also included the top 5 most reliable companies of furnace installation service providers across Edmonton.

Where to Start?

The tricky thing about this process is that the installation is multi-dynamic. This means that you have to take a few extra steps along the way before buying your furnace, let alone installing it.

How would you know which is the right furnace for your house, if you’re not familiar with HVAC installations? Knowing this is key, and normally a licensed expert on the matter should go home with you to check the following elements:

  • HVAC wiring
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Basement
  • Building envelope

Once these things are looked at, and the requirements noted, it is time for the specialist to check both heating equipment and duct work systems. They need to be well-suited, and in proper condition for a new furnace. Finally, they’ll give you a list of materials necessary for installing the furnace. This will cost you quite a bit of money, that’s why it is important to save and apportion some money from your budget to cover for this expense on furnace installation.

Set Up your Permits

According to the Edmonton site a heating and ventilation permit is required. The steps to take in order to obtain this permit are easy to follow, but the process is not free.

There are three different kinds of fees to take into consideration:

House Combo Permit Fees: First time permits that are single home and detached

Safety Code Permits Fees: New HVAC systems for semi-detached or duplex homes

Safety Code Permits Fees: Applicable for small renovations in already existing HVAC systems.

Ready to Install

Once you have met all the previous steps, you are finally ready to begin with the installation process by following the next steps:

  1. Connect the line of gas to the furnace entry and make sure there are no leaks
  2. Wire the thermostat with the power supply according to your HVAC wiring
  3. Check for any gas leaks before switching on the furnace by leaving the room for 5 minutes and returning to see if there are any gas smells
  4. Turn your furnace on and let the initial program run freely.

Remember that if you are pretty much unfamiliar with the furnace installation work, a qualified HVAC technician should be hired to perform the process correctly.

Top 5 Services

Here is a list of 5 service providers for any type of heating, cooling and furnace installation and cleaning services in Edmonton. Keeping this information handy allows your furnace and HVAC system security be put in the hands of the best professionals in Edmonton.

  1. Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling & Furnace Cleaning: The guys from Acclaimed Furnace Repair offer an impeccable customer service first approach that will give you peace of mind immediately. They score an amazing 4.8 out of 5 according to Google.
  2. Furnace Repair Edmonton: They offer a high quality 24/7 service with the best professionals and the best parts. They have a perfect score of 5 out of 5 according to Google.
  3. Reliance The Furnace Company: They offer a unique team of skilled award-winning professionals as well as amazing protection plans. They have a 4.3 rate out of 5 according to Google.
  4. Rob’s Albertan Service Experts: Their Expert Guaranteed Service is of the best ones. They have a score of 4.7 out of 5 according to Google.

Action Furnace Inc: Their 24/7 action service covers the zone of Edmonton as well as Calgary. The best of them is the variety of guarantees they put on their services that will leave you with great confidence on the work they do.

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