4 Simple Hacks to Kickstart Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Gregory Uy, Negosentro | Email marketing is a cost-effective solution for marketers who wanted to expand sales online.

According to the Digital Marketing Generation, Email marketing can potentially generate $43.62 for every dollar invested on it.

These are the steps that you should take to kick start an Email marketing campaign for your business:

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Step 1: Start with a Clear Objective

What do you want to accomplish? Why do you like to start an Email campaign?

Any marketing efforts should start by defining the marketing objective. If your business is just starting with this marketing strategy, your goal can be to educate and inform, generate more leads, and establish your email list.

Once you have an established list of subscribers, your goal can be to increase more sales or introduce a new product.

Step 2: Choose a Web-based provider

There are major service providers that you can use for free like Mailchimp or choose premium providers like Getresponse or Aweber. These platforms can help you design your Email layout, create landing pages, and easily send Emails.

Step 3: Design your campaign

Depending on your goal, there are different Email campaign designs that you can choose. Now that your objective is clear and your web-based provider is ready; you can easily choose your Email design:


Do you want to build fan-based marketing? E-newsletters are great to build brand loyalty and trust. This type of marketing design makes your subscribers feel that you are writing them personally. Week by week, or month by month, you are committed to deliver value directly in their inbox. You can even avail of the list of companies in USA through a list provider to make your eNewsletters work perfectly.

It is great for marketers who are still into building their brands and establish credibility. Brand expertise is also created through this kind of marketing tool.

Product launch

If you are confident that you have gained the trust of your subscribers, you are now ready to use Email marketing for new product launch. This goal is effective when combines with eNewsletter strategy.

Make this strategy more effective by crafting a product from a well-research needs and goals of your targeted list.

Your Email will be more successful in marketing the product if you’ll focus on making their lives easy.

Step 4: Manage your list

Now that you have an established list of subscribers, managing the list is another thing to handle. Your job is to design a campaign that can maximize the potential within this Email list.

As your business expands, the value that you should give is expected to increase too. Email marketing strategy is a cost-effective tool for business owners if done with the right strategy.

For quick campaigns, you can also use an SMS campaign as many customers — who use smartphones anyway — would be easily targeted ‘in-the-moment.’ Check out bulktextmessage.com for this type of campaign.

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