Perfect Your Strategy with 119 Email Marketing Facts

Email Marketing Facts

Megan Arevalo, | During the last couple of years, the popularity of email marketing has both peaked and fallen numerous times, yet its actual effects have remained almost the same, as time passed by. For those who do not know, it represents the practice of sending targeted commercial emails to potential and past customers, to help built brand awareness, increase the number of conversions, loyalty to the brand, trust, and of course, profits.

Email marketing has often been described as one of the most cost-effective, yet most effective ways of getting messages across, promoting new products and services, while also encouraging customers to come back and purchase more. While emails can be sent out for various purposes, the main ones are convincing customers to purchase a new service or product, offering them discounts, sharing a variety of third-party ads, while also improving the overall relationship between the merchant and the customer.

Not long ago, the folks behind Website Builder decided to compile an infographic, offering some of the most important statistics related to email marketing, alongside with tips meant to improve your strategy. In the infographic, you’ll also be able to find details on why email marketing works, the types of emails being sent out, the most popular marketing techniques, the customer’s psychology, alongside with ways to personalize, target, and incentivize prospective customers. Learning these details is crucial to a successful email marketing campaign, where you’ll see your investment covered, and profits flowing in.

Do keep in mind the fact that successful email marketing can only be done if you already have a list of past customer emails, and if prospective customers have signed up to your mailing list knowingly- if not, chances are that your messages will be classed as spam, or people will simply unsubscribe, which isn’t a wanted effect.

Email Marketing


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