Best Tips to Writing E-mails


Mary Rae Floresca|

E-mails, e-mails, e-mails! Every work day we are bombarded with e-mails. At times it tends to be frustrating and robotic to answer every single one of them. However, you should keep in mind how to write your e-mail with substance. Here are the best tips to writing e-mails.

1. Sending e-mail to correct recipient/s

Always double check the recipient field. Of course you want to send your e-mail content to the correct person. Like text-messaging, it is such a horror to send a very personal text to your boss! Another tip is to as much as possible, stay away from sending e-mails with “Undisclosed recipient.” If you want to target potential clients, make it more personal by non-lazily sending it to all. Address each one of them, it may be quite a workload, but it pays of in the long run.

2. Draft and Save

While you’re at it, hit CTRL-S! Same in photo-editing and video-editing programs, do not forget to save your works while still creating it. Your laptop can bog down or accidentally hitting “select all” and “delete.”

3. Keep it Casual and polite, but formal when needed

This depends on your recipient. If you do not personally know who your sending your e-mail to, the safest voice to write an e-mail is formal and polite. Also, it is best to compose yourself to good mood so the language of your writing is more inviting than intimidating. Begin and end your emails with the usual statements, measure the degree of formality depending on your relationship with the recipient. “Dear” and “Hi” is very different, so as, “Regards” and “XOXO.”

4. Strong subject lines

One of the best tips to writing e-mails is to create a strong subject line. We all want our e-mails to be read.  The title of your email is the first message your recipients receive. Your subject is the tells them what to expect on your message and if they will read it or not. It is very critical, it has to be specific and inviting but not too pushy. Make it powerful that it piques their interest.

5. Go straight to the point

Do not beat around the bush when writing e-mails. People are busy and doesn’t have the luxury of time to read a novel in an e-mail. Make your content brief and substantial. Write the important details and keep your words simple and easy to understand. You want to catch the attention of your readers, not bore them.

6. Send at the right time

Thank you to technology, you can easily schedule your e-mail on when to send them. Sometimes you compose your e-mails in the wee hours in the morning. And some recipients do check their mobile when they receive a notification. So if you’re sending an e-mail in an unlikely hour, think again. Your recipients can click your message while they are half-asleep and tends to forget reading it again during the day.

7. Review before hitting send

The best tip to writing e-mails is to review your message before hitting send. Good writing skills is a plus when composing your content. You also need to be an expert in proofreading. Check your spelling, it is the most basic, you don’t want to be embarrassed with that. Next is the grammar check, make sure it is also flawless. Finally, make sure all the important details are laid out already. Alright, now you’re good to go, hit send!

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