When is the best time to send cold emails?

When is the best time to send cold emails? checking email

When is the best time to send cold emails? | Timing can make all the difference in closing a sale or procrastinating about an opportunity. Your outreach strategy should include determining the ideal time to send cold emails.

Marketing and growth teams often make mistakes when it comes to running outreach campaigns. We identified the most common mistakes that clients make when starting their outreach campaigns.

These mistakes will be identified, and we will offer suggestions on how to send cold emails at the right time.

Emails should not be sent 24x7x365.

This is the biggest mistake. This is the most common mistake. Providers will notice an unstoppable stream of cold outreach emails and flag them suspicious.

It is best to establish a schedule that corresponds to your target market. It is best to send the email outreach campaign in Monday-Friday format for B2B offers. They will ignore your pitch on weekends, and your email will be lost in the slew of emails they receive during the weekend.

For B2B campaigns, create a Monday-Friday schedule

You should be sending messages 24×7, even if your target audience is asleep. Your B2B contacts should be able to respond during normal business hours. This will ensure that they respond quickly to your business-related emails and even discuss them with other team members.

To send Cold email software, don’t forget to use our cold mail software. MailRush.io follows best practices for outreach campaigns.

These statistics are reflected in our statistics. Tuesday is the day with higher open rates. It is more than any other day of the week.

Emails can be sent during regular business hours

Once you have determined your target timing, it is time to determine when your contacts are more likely to subscribe to your service.

This is the most challenging period, but it is possible to manage campaigns per location. Using this method, you can determine when customers open emails based on their location.

When it is the best time to send cold emails is when…

Your customers should be comfortable in their offices while enjoying a cup of coffee. This is the best time to send an email. This is usually after lunch when people are less productive and want to get back into production.

This strategy can be used to get you started and then tested for several days. To confirm that your timing strategy is working, you will need to run a split-test after a few days.

Your customer’s location should determine the best time to send cold emails. Use a cold email tool such as MailRush.io to set a sending time and consider your customer’s timezone.

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