3 Best Cricket games for Android

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Negosentro.com | 3 Best Cricket games for Android | Well, we all know that every single person in this world is one of the biggest fans of cricket sport. No matter how much your schedule is busy, you will never miss catching your favorite team cricket match. In some of the countries, cricket is not less than a religion. The people follow this sport with the whole heart. Few countries have made their cricket teams in which we have India, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand. West Indies, England, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and quite a few others have also their own teams. To get some latest news and happenings about football, cricket, or some other news, visit fantasy cricket on sportsadda.com right now!

For some of the people, Sundays are incomplete when they are not playing cricket with their friends! But that’s not all! Some of the cricket fans love to spend their time by playing amazing cricket games on android all the time. Yes, you heard it right! There are so many amazing and best cricket games for android, which are worth to play right now.

Are you ready to know them all? Now, let’s check these out below:

1. World Cricket Championship 2

This has been one of the most top favorite cricket games which are getting famous in the android users. You will be finding this game to be set with some advanced features. This add up the whole game even much more amazing to play around all the time. It is based on a modern gaming interface. Hence you will be finding an ultra-edge review with a hot spot. This game has been add up with some fantastic features in the medium of colorful graphics for cricket lovers.

Why Should you Play This Game?

This cricket game has been based on 24 different national teams. It has been also set with ten different domestic teams that love the most. The game is also offering the settings of 32 different stadiums. This makes the whole game even much more worth to play around. You can pick your favorite team and your favorite stadium from the list. Along with the advanced features, the overall graphics of the game has been a lot incredible to play. It is free to install.

2. World of Cricket

Next, we have “World of Cricket.” This game is bringing some realistic playing experience. It has been added with some amazing and real graphics effects of batting or bowling.

Why should you Play this Game?

Right into this game, you will be finding around 25 shots, out of which you can choose your favorite one. Bowling is one of the most exciting parts of this game. You will find it in the middle of different bowling actions and various options. You will be falling in love with the fielding feature of this game, which is so much incredible looking. All in all graphics of the game are based on animations cartoony. Some of the android users might not be found according to their taste. It is free to install.

3. Real Cricket 18

Last we have Real Cricket 18! This cricket game is famous among all those cricket lovers who usually care about little detailing in the game. Every single game will be starting from the pre-match form of presentation that is entirely followed by the toss. If you are not much interested, you can skip off the pre-match.

Why Should you Play This Game? 

The best thing about this game is that it is giving some tight and robust control over the player’s eyes. In addition it is your own choice that where you want to hit your ball shot. In addition this include the shots from the back root or the front root. Furthermore you can also decide if you wish to leave the playground or types of shots you want to play. This game is free to install.

This was an end about the top best cricket games for Android. Hence you will love to play all the time. 

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