What are the four factors that affect Mobile App Marketing?

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Negosentro.comMany businesses fail to understand the critical need for mobile app marketing after developing their enterprise mobile app. It’s great to have reached the conclusion that having a mobile app is vital to the survival of any business, but is there a guarantee it’ll be a hit? 

There are over 4 million apps in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play but only a few of these apps are ever used and needed. You could’ve developed an intuitive and great app but without a marketing strategy, it is useless. We’re going to go through the four factors that majorly affect mobile app marketing that business owners sometimes neglect. 

What are the four factors that affect Mobile App Marketing? 


  • Define your unique value: 


Your app needs to serve a market demand that is not being covered, and even if it is covered, you should present a different and easier solution. So in order to define your unique value, you need to find out what sets you apart from the other apps in your niche. 

Analyze your competitors, their app’s features, functionality, icon, and marketing strategies and compare them to your own. There is nothing wrong from learning from your competitors, find out what they’re doing wrong and ensure you don’t fall in the same mistake. And if something is working from them, you can use that strategy and build on it. When you know what makes your app better and different, you can use this angle into your marketing strategy. 


  • Reach out to your customers: 


Your customers are one of your biggest marketing tools! If you have a store or brick-and-mortar business, you can create incentive programs for your current customers encouraging them to use your app. 

Getting your customers to use and like your app leads them to encourage others to use it too. Get to know your customer needs through social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Quora by joining groups or forums in you niche. When you interact with customers and help with their questions, you’ll gain the customers’ insight. With a better understanding, you’ll know what is missing from your end. This will help you add enhancements to your app and add to your marketing strategy. Another way to market and boost your app is through ratings/ reviews. You can add this feature to show up to customers after a successful sale to gather feedback. Positive reviews and high ratings will boost your app ranking in the app stores. 


  • App Store Optimization (ASO):   


This step is to ensure your app is as appealing as possible to get it to rank higher in app stores and show up easier in organic searches. You can do A/B testing experiments on your icon, description, title, content, etc. to find what gets the most positive reactions from consumers. Here are a few pointers to consider when working on ASO.

  • Your title shouldn’t be too long or hard to remember, steer clear from symbols and complicated words, and make sure it hints to your app’s functionality 
  • Your icon should be clear and simple, not too cluttered.   
  • The app description needs to be short but to the point, but be sure to use important keywords that are highly searched for. 
  • Add clear screenshots of pages in your app that are either self-explanatory or with a short description explaining the page. You can also add a 30-second demo video that introduces your app. 


  • Mobile app marketing budget:  


Having a budget set aside just for mobile app marketing is very important. Many businesses think they can seamlessly integrate their app into their current marketing strategy without an extra cost. They even go as far as dedicating only 1% of their budget into mobile app marketing! Marketing professionals have done a study and conducted that at least 10% of your marketing budget should go towards mobile app marketing. 

Search ads for the App Stores and paid ads on Facebook can effectively boost your app ranking and make a huge difference. Apple’s website states that 65% of downloads are from searches, and 50% is the conversion rate from search ads. If you need assistance with setting a budget, developing a mobile app, or marketing your app, you can consider hiring a software development agency and a marketing specialist.

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