2018 Interior Design Trends

interior design

2018 started out as the year of throwbacks, as it re-introduced some of the fabulous trends we adored in the past years. From various colour combinations to timeless metal, ceramics and glass, interior designs of 2018 brought a few innovations while keeping a few classic features as well. If you’re planning to redecorate your home this year with or without the aid of an interior decorator in Melbourne, check out some of the latest trends in interior design, and make an ever-modern home you’ll love in the years to come.

Oversized furniture

If you’ve thought about changing your furniture, go for oversized pieces. Considering the latest trends are all about big interior spaces as well as large furniture pieces, big homes will really benefit from this year’s trends. The forgotten trend will allow you to create an antique, but elegant atmosphere in your home, with all the large armchairs, oversized sofas or king-sized beds that’ll look divine in your bedroom.

Metal, glass and ceramics

Modern trends in decorating never stop taking our breath away. Even though ceramics never completely disappeared from interior designing, in 2018 they’re coming back as one of the leading trends. Everything from terracotta tiles to ceramic vases combined with metal furniture, will be at your disposal, giving you a vast choice of options to transform your home into a fierce-looking sanctuary. 2018 trends are all about metal too, and we’ll only see more of it in the months to come. Therefore, feel free to hang metal picture frames, invest in metal furniture and lighting fixtures, and even introduce metal wall panels in your home. Think about using metal furniture covered with soft upholstery fabric such as suede and velvet and mix the two biggest trends of 2018. This flawless combo will also add shiny luxury to your dining room, and help you furnish the home fashionably. With a glass coffee table, picture frames, and a plethora of other accent pieces, you can let metal dominate your interior.

Black and white is back

Whether we say it or not, black and white somehow always seems to be in style, whether we talk about interior design or fashion. Nevertheless, 2018 is officially the year of this timeless combo and if you love the vintage vibe that introduces just enough of contemporary style to make your home comfy but trendy, then this is the colour combo you should go for. For a dose of sophistication and elegance, place black furniture to match your clean white walls. With durable vertical blinds, you’ll get the perfect shade in your living room, without sacrificing elegance or comfort. With white throw pillows with a checked pattern in combination with a zebra patterned floor rug, the living room will look chic and trendy. Consider adding a glass coffee table as well as a metal lamp to create a high-end interior.

Go with green and gold

Home should be a place of harmony, rest, serenity and where you can always feel relaxed. Luckily, with the help of the latest interior design trends, you’ll have the chance to make a calm and pleasant home in your apartment or house. When you combine green – the colour of balance and harmony − with gold hues, you can get just the kind of serenity you’ve always wanted and make the home look fabulous. The combination of gold hues and avocado green will bring the spirit of the 70s into your interior. Green walls and golden chandeliers, along with yellow furniture, scream calmness and warmth. Alternatively, you can go with white walls, hang avocado green curtains that can match the light green sofa and armchair, and maybe invest in a golden lamp to add a bit of sophistication to the entire décor.

Oversized furniture, gold, green, black and white combination of colours, metal, ceramics and glass materials are just some of the fabulous 2018 interior design trends you can incorporate into your home. All you need is a dash of creativity to help you mix it all and create a lovely décor you’ll enjoy for years.