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As Android device users, sometimes you may encounter a situation, where you can’t turn on our device because of our Android device stuck in recovery mode. When you try to turn it on, a message that says “Android System Recovery” will appear on your device, which means that your android device system was broken and you may lost your important data kept on you device.

Therefore, you are anxious to know whether the important data still on your device and if they lost, how you are able to get them back. Maybe you can get back your data by recovering your android system, but it’s a complicated and hard to perform by yourself. So here this article will offer you an easy and simple solution to you so that you can recover your broken android data. That is to use an excellent third-party data recovery tool—FoneDog Broken Android Data Extraction tool. A step-by-step user guide will be shown as follows.

phonedog4Part 1. What is FoneDog Toolkit Broken Android Data Extraction?

Before you have a close look on how to recover broken android data, you should know what FoneDog Toolkit Broken Android Data Extraction is. It is a software that are able to effectively recover your broken android data, such as your videos, photographs, text messages and calling history from your broken Samsung device. This toolkit supports various types of Samsung Devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S4 to S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Note 5. 

Besides, this excellent data recovery toolkit is also very safe for you to use, because it is able to scan all your files before it runs the recovery process and don’t overwrite all of your data.

phonedog3Part 2. Restore Broken Data With FoneDog Toolkit Broken Android Data Extraction

So, after you have a general concept about the software, let’s start to show you a step by step guide on how to use it.

Step 1: Install and launch the software. Download the program, then install it on your computer, which you are going to use to recover your broken android system. Go ahead and use USB cable to link the Samsung device to your computer. When the software launched, click the “ Broken Android Data Extraction” button.

Step 2: Choose a kind which you are experiencing. After clicking the button, the FoneDog toolkit will ask you what problems you are going through on the Samsung device, for example, black screen, cannot touch, broken screen and more. Then click the Start button.

Step 3: Select the device name and mode. The program will ask you to input your Samsung name and mode so that it can go ahead the steps. Don’t worry the program will keep any of your private information, for this step just to agree the program to download the right package for your Samsung device.

phonedog2Step 4: Device goes into download mode. After you enter the correct name and mode of your Samsung device, do according to what the screen show to you in order to have your Samsung device go into download mode. Three steps are as follows:

l First turn off your device.

l Second long press three buttons: Home button, Volume “-” button, and Power button in the meantime.

l Third long press the button –Volume “+” so that your device can enter into download mode.

Step 5: Collect the restore package for your Samsung device. After your device entered into download mode, please patiently wait for the scanning process so that the program can check and download the recovery package.

Step 6: Select and restore the files from your Samsung device. After download the data, the scanned files will be shown in a categories in the left side on your computer. You can preview them one by one, then selectively choose the important files that you want to recover or all of them. After choosing, click the Recover button. The data will be stored on the computer and you can recover them to a new phone.


Part 3. Recover Broken Data By Android System Recovery Mode

Aside from the method mentioned above , there is also another way for you to recover your broken android system. That is android recovery mode, which is a function for you to restore all of the important data. But what you should notice is that the android recovery mode appears unexpectedly and you have to know how to switch this mode to a normal mode. That’s why we are not so recommend this method to you guys. The following guide of android system recovery mode is based on you know how to get out of the recovery mode. Here is a step by step guide.

Step 1: Turn off your Samsung device by long pressing the Power button. If your device is unresponsive, just keep press it until the device completely power off.

Step 2: After your device power off, long press two button at the same time: the Power button and the Volume button. Then a list of information on your Samsung device will appeared in the screen. Start button will be displayed at the top right hand corner.

Step 3: You can move up and down by pressing the Volume button and select an option by pressing Power button. After you pressed the Volume button twice, Recovery Mode which is highlighted in red will be shown at the top of the screen. Choose it by pressing the Power button.

Step 4: A white Google logo will be displayed immediately and a notice No Command will be also appeared.

Step 5: Long press two button: the Power button, the Volume + button, then set free the Volume button and keep press the Power button. Later a system recovery options will shown in your screen, then move up by pressing the Volume button and choose the option by pressing the Power button.

Part 4. Conclusion

There are many ways for you to recover your broken android data, but one of the safe, easy and effective ways is that to use a third-party software—FoneDog Broken Android Data Extraction tool. For not only it can easily  recover your important data without overwriting them, but also it’s a 100% security data recovery toolkit and it provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

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