Music Apps for Every Mood Available on Smartphone Anytime Anywhere

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Music is one of the best creations of God. Without music, no one can imagine his/her life. Music has so much power to change one’s mood. Just in a second, one can become happy, sad, calm, angry etc. It keeps us refreshed and also helps in expressing so many emotions and sometimes increases one’s creativity. Nowadays it is important as much as air for breathing. That is why to always keep people refreshed, energized and creative; developers have developed so many music apps that are available on smartphones just by a user’s one click.

There are a few music apps details mentioned for keeping our users refreshed, cheerful and full of emotions. One can download these music apps from third party play store like 9apps.


Spotify is currently the most demanding music app by Android users with lots of features like one can create, share and embed playlists. One can download and listen to any song, playlist or album offline in the app by taking Spotify premium plan. No matter what kind of music you like, this app has a collection of all kind of songs and albums.

Amazon Music

Amazon music is one of the best music apps a user can have in his/her smartphone. If you are a member of Amazon Prime subscribers then you can easily enjoy the benefits of Amazon Music. If anybody does not want to pay for a streaming service and want to listen and download offline songs then they can go for Amazon Music.


Pandora music app is mainly known for its set-it and forget-it intelligent radio service. The user just has to pick one song of his/her interest after that Pandora will create a playlist according to user’s interest of song or album. If you want to download songs from Pandora for offline listening, then you just have to pay for Pandora Premium plan. One can use Pandora’s Music Genome Project for listening more songs and albums and then can add these songs to their own library and carry them offline using the same app.


Soundcloud is an electronic music mixtape. If anybody wants to find, support upcoming artists in your favourite playlist then this is the best music app one can have. It provides free streaming service that is easily available anywhere and it also has offline feature free of cost for a few songs and for a few songs one has to go for SoundCloud Go Plan.

Google Play Music

Google Play is an excellent music app developed by Google. It works best on any platform from the web to the iPhone with lots of exciting features like Android with native Google Assistant Integration. One can download and listen to unlimited offline songs with Google Play Music Unlimited subscription.

So these are many of music apps which you can download from one and only platform 9Apps. This platform provides you with unlimited apps which will help you so much in daily life. This application has pool of apps. Not only apps, but you can find wallpapers, ringtones and much more. If you love to watch videos, you can download so many apps from here. You will never get bored of this application as it offers so much to you. So what are you waiting for? Download this app and start grooving. 

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