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Do you often influence your friends to buy the product you’re using just by talking with them? If yes, you have a good shot in the direct selling business because you can convince people to buy even without doing a sales talk. Imagine what can you achieve in the sales industry if you’re already sales-oriented.

Popularly known as face-to-face selling, direct selling often involves a sales person presenting the products or services to prospective clients directly either at their home or at work. According to World Federation of Direct Sellers Association (WFDSA), direct selling is a dynamic, vibrant, rapidly expanding channel of distribution for the marketing of products and services directly to consumers.

But among the various sales jobs out there, why should you choose direct selling?

1)     Direct selling is a good way to own a business. Direct sellers are independent contractors or distributors. You create your business plan to meet you goals on how you can make your sales. Direct selling allows you to be your own boss, which gives you the next one.

2)     Flexible work schedule. You can either work part-time or full-time when you do direct selling. As a direct seller. You choose when and how much you want to work.

3)     No Prerequisites. There are no educational or professional prerequisites required to enter the direct selling industry. This means whether you have a bachelor’s degree or high school diploma, this business opportunity is opportunity. Direct selling is also perfect for students, recent college graduate, longtime stay-at-home parents and those with little or no work history.

4)     Direct selling is a good way to meet and socialize with people. Communicating with people is essential in this job. But what’s rewarding is you will be able to build a network of connections; connections that will open more doors of opportunity to meet more people.

5)     Earnings are in proportion to efforts. You will reap what you sow. The level of success you can achieve is limited only by your willingness to work hard.

6)     Reputable products or services. Engaging in direct selling is not as difficult as starting a business. Direct selling organizations have already established their name in the market, which means it will be easier for direct sellers to market the products and services.

Direct selling will continue to be a profitable channel in the Philippines says Euromonitor.com. If you want to start a direct selling business, make sure the company is legitimate. One of the leading direct selling companies is Rainbow Philippines. Through direct selling of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaning system, you can earn as fast as Php 18,000 for your first sales. Click here to get more information of the Rainbow opportunity.

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