8 Reasons to Grab the Rainbow Career Opportunity

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Nadj Villaver | Negosentro

Why work hard when you can simply work smart to earn more? Rainbow Philippines, the company that brought Rainbow Cleaning System which cleans one’s home with the most natural way possible, is also offering great career opportunities.

 “Our mission at Rainbow Philippines is not only to make individual families live clean and happy lives, but also to contribute to society’s benefit, by keeping people healthy & productive,” says Vic Puyat, Chairman of Rainbow Philippines and Grandfather of Rainbow in Southeast Asia.

Rainbow Philippines offers job opportunities especially for people who want to explore a career in sales. Through direct selling of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaning system, you can earn as fast as Php 18,000 for your first sales. Sounds interesting, right? But there are more compelling reasons to grab a Rainbow career opportunity.

1)      No cash-out involved.

Yes, you read it right. You will not shell out any amount of money to become a Rainbow sales agent and sell the Rainbow Vacuum System. Whenever we hear an opportunity related to direct selling, we tend to turn away from the opportunity because we have a notion there will be cash involved. Unlike typical networking companies, you will not be asked to pay a registration or membership fee for a starter kit or initial products to sell.

2)      Big Earning Potential

You will not shell out money but you have the potential to earn more. Isn’t that a win-win solution? Perhaps you would like to make more money to help pay the house, buy a new house or car, save for college tuition, take a dream vacation or just cover day-to-day living expenses.

In the Rainbow business, you can have either full time or part-time that could put a substantial amount of money in your pocket each month and help you get more out of life. Sounds great? Read the next one.

3)      Flexible Work Schedule

You can even determine the hours you work. You will not be required to report 8 hours a day in the office. Because it’s a sales job, you are given the freedom to work on your own phase. The Rainbow Career Opportunity is also a perfect part-time job opportunity because with Rainbow business you can earn money on a flexible schedule that fits your lifestyle. As a sales person, you will be the one to schedule your product demonstration and meeting with clients.

4)      Comprehensive Training

As King Solomon said “get good advice and you will succeed; don’t go charging into battle without a plan.” Rainbow Philippines does not let their sales persons go into battlefield without any weapon. Before conducting product demonstrations, you will undergo series of trainings on how Rainbow Cleaning System works as well as its attachments. Moreover, you will be equipped with the essential interpersonal and selling skills that are needed in this sales job.

5)      Useful and Reliable Product

The Rainbow business guarantees that you will never be embarrassed with the product you’re selling. The Rainbow Cleaning System is more than just a typical vacuum cleaner. Rainbow has a unique water filtration system that traps dust permanently so it can’t return in the air.

6)      Opportunity to Help Others

Asthma and hay fever or allergic rhinitis are among the complicated respiratory condition an individual may have. There is no specific cure for allergies, only fexofenadine tablets. However,. However, there are preventive measures that can be done to effectively control it such as avoiding exposure to specific allergens or substances that cause symptoms, such as dust, pollen, mold, cockroaches, or animal dander. With Rainbow Cleaning System, risk of asthma or hay fever attack are prevented. Rainbow is the only vacuum cleaner certified as an air purifier by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) making it a proven air cleaner and asthma & allergy friendly appliance.

7)      Established System

Rainbow has been in the market even before World War II. Since then, it withstood economic complications and later on became solidly established. This only shows and proves the proficiency of the company’s business model. What’s even better is that Rainbow follows a world-wide system from training to compensation benefits.

8)      Personal Growth

Rainbow’s Distributors have the opportunity to be independent business owners, and Rainbow Dealers, Managers and Distributors could more directly reach personal goals of success, security and financial reward.

A pot of gold awaits for you with the Rainbow career opportunity. Click here to get more information of the Rainbow opportunity and how you can earn Php 18,000.00 just from your first sales.

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