Why Investing in a Mattress Is Never a Mistake

Investing in a Mattress

We all love to save a few extra bucks here and there, don’t we? And some things are just not worth the splurge. When money management is done right, and you know how to spend wisely, you can afford to purchase items that should always come with quality. Investing in things that should serve you well for years is never a mistake, and a decent mattress has to be on that list.

The average recommended amount of sleep for adults is 8 hours per night, which is 56 hours spent in bed every week. Long story short, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping in bed, on a mattress. So, if we are spending that much time on a mattress, it should be a good one, because bad mattress choices can have many side effects and lower our quality of life.

When Is the Right Time to Buy a New Mattress?

A lifespan of a bed depends on its construction, but on average, a good mattress can serve you well from 7 to 10 years. Certain mattress materials such as polyfoam tend to deteriorate quicker, so if you notice sagging or indentations, you should replace your bed. Also, if you are not feeling comfortable, you cannot find a comfy sleep position, it may be so because your mattress is worn out. 

Back pain is a significant consequence of a worn-out mattress. Because there is not enough support for your body, the spine is not aligned correctly, and people often experience backaches. People who suffer from allergies should know that a mattress is like a playground for various allergens. So if you notice some symptoms, perhaps the reason hides inside your bed, and the best way to protect your health is to seek allergen-proof mattresses.

Why Should You Spend More on a Mattress?

Mattresses come with a vast price range, so you can find some extremely cheap models, and some that cost a fortune. Although this is not a general rule, in most cases you get what you are paying for. But a cheap mattress will not only sag quickly and force you to make another purchase, but it can also trigger chronic back pain, neck aches, spine problems, and even sleep deprivation. So you are not only investing in your bed, you are investing in your sleep, health, and quality of life. 

During sleep, our body is performing multiple vital processes that are connected to our growth, hormones, immune system, memory, restoration, and learning. All of that depends on the amount and quality of your sleep, which is connected to the quality of your sleeping surface. Mattress sales and discounts are worth waiting for.

How to Choose the Best One

With so many options, sizes, constructions, you probably do not know how to begin the search. Since mattresses are not something we shop frequently, probably a lot has changed since your last mattress purchase. So, here are our brief suggestions for things you should bear in mind when shopping for a new mattress.

  • Consider your body type, especially your weight, and choose the firmness level based on that. Sleepers who weigh more should go for firmer beds, and vice versa.
  • Sleep position is another thing that goes along with weight, and it is also connected to the firmness of the mattress. Back sleepers need a firm base, and side sleepers need a medium level of firmness, as well as stomach sleepers. 
  • Couples should take a look at mattresses with adjustable firmness because those models can satisfy the needs of two people with different preferences.
  • Check the warranty, return policy, sleep trial, delivery, shipping costs, and other terms and conditions because they can vary.

Currently, latex models are probably among the best ones on the market, and spending money on them is worth it. Latex is a natural material, it doesn’t conduct heat, it conforms like memory foam, and it is comfortable. Those who want an extraordinarily supportive and durable mattress should consider hybrid models. Hybrid beds represent the peak of the mattress industry, and they combine the best features of different compounds to provide an exceptional sleep experience. 

The Bottom Line

Since most online mattress brands offer a free trial period, you can order a mattress without wandering around the stores. However, make sure to read the return policy before making a purchase. If you are still hesitating to spend a bit more money on a mattress, try splitting the cost of your new mattress with the average number of nights you’re going to spend on it. It is a bargain, right?

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