How To Find Romance in a Socially Distanced World

How To Find Romance in a Socially Distanced World

How To Find Romance in a Socially Distanced World | Dating has always been hard. Just ask anyone who’s single and they’ll validate that statement. But today it’s even harder. When social distancing first started, it was enough to tell yourself that love could wait a few weeks, or even a few months until things got better. Now, people are having to face the fact that this masked, socially distanced world may need to become the new normal. So how do you find your perfect partner while avoiding contact with anyone you don’t know?

Finding Potential Partners

Before you can figure out how to maintain a relationship in these uncertain times, you must first discover a way to begin one. In the midst of a pandemic, people are avoiding the places that used to be the gold standard of meet-ups; places like clubs, bars and the local gym. So how do you meet someone new?

Dating apps have seen a surge in participants since the pandemic started. Once viewed as a refuge for desperate people, these apps have become a valid option for many people looking to develop romantic relationships. Apps exist for just about any orientation and interest in existence. There are dating apps for Christians, seniors, young professionals, vegans and members of the LGBTQ community. As with anything on the web, it is important that you do your research and ensures that you are dealing with a reputable company, but these apps can be a valuable resource in meeting new people while maintaining social distance.

There has also been a surge in the use of professional matchmakers. Matchmaking is an old profession that has seen a resurgence of late. If you find the dating apps online to be too impersonal and random for your tastes, you may well enjoy the personal, one-on-one attention of a matchmaker. Matchmakers tend to focus on long-term compatibility rather than fun in the moment so could be of great interest for those seeking serious relationships. There are thousands of professional matchmakers in the U.S. today so finding one close to you shouldn’t be a problem. A quick search for local professionals in your area such as “professional matchmaker DC” should turn up multiple options

Dating From a Distance

Now that you’ve identified a potential partner, how can you make dating work in today’s restricted social environment? Well, digital channels can really work for you in this area as well.

Dinner and a movie is a classic romantic date and one you can still participate in. If you live in the same town, you can order in from the same restaurant and use a video platform to share the meal and some conversation. You can use a synchronization app to stream a movie together so that you are sharing the experience in real-time. You can even pull in a few friends to make it a double date or a group date if you prefer.

How about taking a museum tour together. Again a synchronization app can help you take advantage of a whole host of online museum tours together. You can take in the art at the Louvre, walkthrough visual history at the Smithsonian or let your inner science geek run wild with a trip around a great science museum.

Facetime or Zoom can allow you to cook a meal together, or how about streaming some Bob Ross and painting a picture with one another. You can work out together, go on a hike with one another, or even put on some jammies, crawl into bed and share a good book. If there’s something you’d plan on doing in person, think outside the box and chances are there’s a way to do it virtually.

Covid-19 has created a multitude of challenges for singles looking to begin a romantic relationship, but it has also brought some positives. Virtual dating has forced people to slow down their fast-paced world and engage in some old-fashioned, slow-paced, getting to know one another kind of activities. That bodes well for the future of any relationship. 

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