Why Avoiding “Nega” People is Simply Satisfying

Why-Avoiding-Nega-People-is-Simply-Satisfying,avoiding-negativity, tips-to-handling-negative-people

Mary Rae Floresca | Negoentro.com

Did you ever have people around you can’t stop blabbing about their woes in life? It’s okay to be sympathetic but how long can you endure? Here’s why avoiding ‘negative’ people is simply satisfying.

1. Negativity is distracting

And contagious! Did you ever read a heavy drama book or dramatic movie and afterwards you just feel so down? That’s how you also feel when you pacify someone while he is talking about all his problems. Studies said that when you imitate a frown or a smile or any facial expression, it sends signal to your brains that it makes those expressions as our own feelings. As a result, when you just finished off a deep and emotional conversation, you will feel the same. The question is, do you want to be that distracted with all the negativity instead of concentrating on your own life?

2. Negative environment will drag you down

Crab mentality, a classic Filipino foul attitude. When you are being credited or applauded at your workplace, some would mockingly say, “Eh di wow, siya na.” And there you are trying your best to succeed and stay grounded at the same time but the “negative people” will just shut you off. It’s okay not mind them, it’s the best step, but how long can you bear their actions towards you? Maybe you need to confront them for the peace of your mind.

3. Negative relationships will consume you

For sure you’ve those relationships with friends or relatives that just consumes every silver lining you have in life. You know you can choose your friends, right? It’s not that you are leaving them and permanently cutting ties with them, but sometimes it’s best to lie low on being around them.  They also do consume your time when you can spend your time wisely.

How to deal with negativity? If you cannot not listen to their misery, listen then, with empathy. But divert the conversation with encouragement and positivity. Be brief and don’t cling to the same emotion in the conversation for hours.

Dealing with negative environment? If you can brush it off, good. If you can do the confrontation, better but if all else fails, leave, if that’s for the best.

Surround yourself with happy and positive people. Read articles or books that will surely cheer you up. Put pictures on your wall, art, anything under the sun that will make you happy and make you focused to achieve your goals.

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