Tips to Changing Careers While You Still Can

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Mary Rae Floresca|

Changing your career is a deeper trance than just looking for another company. This is considered a life decision, to be successful with this, here are tips to changing careers while you still can.

1. Ask yourself “Why?”

Why do you want to change careers? Get a pen and paper and evaluate the reasons why you want to quit your job and change your path. Do the classic pros and cons. Ask yourself as much as you can so you can be clear with your decision. Sometimes, you may just need to take a break because you’re burned out at work that you don’t necessarily need to change careers.

2. Measure what’s at stake

What’s it going to take when you finally decided to change your career? Would you need to attend crash courses? Do you need certifications, licenses and accreditation to make you more credible on the new profession? How much skills do you need to learn and enhance? Now if your career shift affects your relationships with your family or friends, how can you handle it? Outline the steps that you need to take and measure if you can still do it.

3. Learn side-hustling

This is more applicable to aspiring entrepreneurs. If you don’t want to go all out yet on your career shift, start on doing side projects. Take as much rakets as you want until you know you can manage on your job and do a startup. Be careful on this though, as much as possible, do not let your current company know your freelance works, even if you are not breaking the contract, they know what to blame you when your performance goes down the drain.

4. Rebrand yourself

What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Know what you can and what you cannot do or what you can improve on. Look for an industry that will feet you by identifying those. This is a lot of research. A career shift is also rebranding yourself. Thinking of entering the corporate world from work from home? Then might as well do a major rebrand of yourself.



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