How To “Show Up” Everyday

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Mary Rae Floresca|

Before the Holidays, we tend to start sulking about work and we forget the things to be done just because vacation is around the corner. Here are ways to remind us how important it is to ‘show up’ everyday.

1. Remind yourself WHY you work

Consider this as the most important reason on how to show up everyday. Question yourself every morning, “why am I working again.” There a hundred different reasons, and finding the best reason is when you know your purpose every day. You need to earn to live, not the other way around. You want to be a role model to your kids or perhaps, your team. Find deeper reasons why you work to stay motivated.

2. Find what is interesting to keep you going

Interest and will, that is one of the top reasons why people stay at their company. Find anything that interests you in your role so you have something that motivates you to learn even more. Think of the opportunities you don’t want to miss out so your every working day is never a dull moment!

3. Aim for Recognition

Are you the kind of person who just gets up in the morning and says “Let’s just get through this day,” then you may have a problem on how your ‘showing up’ at work. Aim to be recognized in the office or your friends and family through your accomplishments. Leaving the office every single day with a task finished is simply satisfying.

4. Make objectives

Create your own #MotivationMonday or #NoteToSelf every single day. Creating a contract with yourself will keep you motivated. One example is to promise yourself to be better the next day. When you failed today, you still have tomorrow to catch up and be better.

So, what are you targeting to finish tomorrow?


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