What to Know Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you need to find and hire a criminal defense attorney chances are you don’t have time to waste in finding the right person, but neither do you want to rush straight in and hire the first person you come across. That’s why we have put together this brief guide to what you really need to know about, and to look for, amongst all the criminal defense lawyers around so you can be confident of getting a great service with a great chance of a positive outcome.

#1 – They should specialize in criminal law

You don’t need to discount lawyers who do other types of defense work so long as the majority of their cases involve criminal law, including cases similar to yours. Ongoing practice of criminal law is the only way an attorney can both hone their skills and stay up to date with legal statutes as and when they change.

#2 – Do they have experience in the local area?

Choosing someone with practical experience of criminal law is a sensible thing to do when looking for a Nashville criminal defense attorney as they are more likely to have established relationships with key figures in the local legal community and genuine knowledge of how these people work is always a plus when both preparing for, and conducting, a case.

#3 – Check they have the time to take your case

You can’t afford to waste time on criminal defense attorneys who really don’t have the time to take on your case, or to give it the attention it deserves if they accept too much work and then operate with an overloaded schedule. Even if they do have the time for you, be wary of those who take forever to respond to enquiries, or fail to return calls and such like. You need (and deserve) someone who is on the ball, and if they cannot be bothered to make you feel important at the very start that isn’t going to get any better.

#4 – Do some digging on their reputation

It’s easy to find background information on a lawyer if you have some free time to browse the internet, though not everything you find out can be automatically considered trustworthy. Official records of attorneys on the relevant state bar log are reliable – revealing any negative issues such as disciplinary procedures a lawyer has faced.

Some legal review sites may filter out negative comments, while social media platforms tend to be more balanced. Ultimately you need to read enough comments to build a general, balanced picture. Negative reviews don’t have to count for much if there are plenty of genuine testimonials.

#5 – Learn about how their pricing works

Look for attorneys who operate a fee system which clearly outlines what is covered, and what isn’t. You may not want to automatically pick the cheapest lawyer around, but don’t assume huge prices mean you get a better service either. Some attorneys may have higher prices because they mainly work with extremely wealthy clients who believe money talks.

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